Coinone listed Bitcoin Gold

The popular South Korean cryptoexchange Coinone has listed Bitcoin Gold on December 14 
14 December 2017   2308

The popular and rapidly developing South Korean cryptoexchange, Coinone, has made an announcement stating that it adds support for Bitcoin Gold. BTG cryptocurrency was listed on the exchange on December 14, 2017 at 15:00 Central Time. 

As it was stated in the announcement, the deposit and withdrawal functions will be supported as soon as the stability will be clarified.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Bitcoin Gold:

  • Average price: $309.92
  • Marketcap: $5 177 484 587
  • 24h volume: $449 762 000

Bitcoin Gold Hardfork to be Implemented

Modified Equihash-BTG algorithm was launched on block 536200
05 July 2018   955

On block 536200 Bitcoin Gold network was transferred to the modified Equihash-BTG algorithm, not supported by classic ASIC-miners. This is the developers of crypto-currencies reported in the official blog.

Thus, the project promotes one of its main ideas, which consists in avoiding ASIC-mining.

According to the developers, the new algorithm includes personalization, which makes it difficult to redirect the power of mining through the markets of hashing capacities, which guarantees greater network security.

Also in the course of the hack, an improved difficulty adjustment algorithm (LWMA) was added, which will allow BTG to work faster, providing a more stable flow of blocks.

We thank them all for their hard work in recent days getting ready for this upgrade… and for dealing graciously with the few snags and hurdles that will inevitably come after an important Upgrade like this.

We know that this milestone isn’t an endpoint… it’s just a waypoint we pass along the way to better things. First, we’ll make sure everything continues to function as expected, and we’ll help the inevitable stragglers get on board with the new code… and then we have a whole bunch of new things we’re looking forward to sharing with the Community!

The Bitcoin Gold Organization

In early June, the Bitcoin Gold team said that updating the network will make the cryptocurrency less vulnerable to various hacker attacks. In May, an unknown miner, through a "51% attack" on the BTG network, stole about 388,000 coins from the exchanges.