Company Gets $500K to Open Mining Hub in Virginia Beach

Bcause LLC plans to add 100 new full-time jobs with average annual salaries of $60,000 with opening a headquarters in Virginia Beach
19 January 2018   1875

The Virginia Beach Development Authority announced on Thursday that it granted $500,000 to Bcause LLC, a company that provides a digital mining facilities along with spot market, to create a data center.

Bcause LLC will be also eligible to take advantage of the City's recently reduced business property tax rate for computers and peripherals used in data centers, which is now $0.40 per $100 of 40% of assessed value, the government stated.

Virginia Beach is again on the forefront of innovative technology, and we are extremely pleased that Bcause LLC will remain here. The cryptocurrency market is rapidly expanding, and we anticipate Bcause LLC will be at the forefront of this emerging financial system.


Warren D. Harris

Virginia Beach Economic Development Director

The company plans to add 100 new full-time jobs with average annual salaries of $60,000 with this expansion.

Recently, Bcause LLC stated that the company and its customers will make a $64.8 million capital investment for business property, digital mining equipment and construction. ​

Northern Bitcoin to Purchase 5000 Mining Devices

According to company's CEO, new devices from Bitmain and Canaan Creative will help company to expand it's business
02 July 2019   209

The German company Northern Bitcoin intends to double its computing power and acquire about five thousand new devices from the largest manufacturers of miners Bitmain and Canaan Creative. As stated in Northern Bitcoin, this will help expand the company's business.

The acquisition of the sought-after hardware is a great success for our company. With the doubling of our mining equipment just a few days after the start of our global scaling, we are setting the pace with which we aim to take a leading position in the fast-growing blockchain industry in the coming years.

Moritz F. Jäger 
CTO, Northern Bitcoin AG

 Northern Bitcoin is registered in Frankfurt am Main, and also has areas in Norway. In which countries the company intends to develop its business in the future, is not reported.