Craig Wright predicts the victory of Bitcoin Cash for 2018

Craig said that Bitcoin will be able to overcome all restrictions and will offer greater security for all users
14 December 2017   3663

In his next tweets, he emphasized other aspects of Bitcoin Cash for 2018: an improved private key system, as well as accelerated transactions and more sustainable transparency. However, when asked who works on the Bitcoin improvement project and when testnet comes out, Craig did not give a concrete answer. He only said that now their team is working on spreading the cryptocurrency all over the world, which will undoubtedly lead to BCH growth.

There were a lot of questions whether Bitcoin Cash program is planned well.

It is planned in the best way, it has many additions. We are interested primarily in the fact that cryptocurrency can be turned into cash, but it will not happen through bank settlement system.


Craig Wright

Australian businessman

Craig Wright called for people to help, only after listening to the wishes of ordinary users it becomes evident what to implement to the project to make it popular. Thus, bitcoin users sent numerous messages, and offered ideas for the interface. It should be noted that Roger Ver, CEO has already announced the release of Bitcoin Cash Visa debit card, and ViaBTC has developed a new exchange platform for cryptocurrency, which is primarily focused on BCH.

No one can yet give accurate forecasts as to whether a new currency can compete with Bitcoin, but it is obvious that the team is primed for victory.

SBI to Delist Bitcoin Cash

It is also worth noting SBI won't delist Bitcoin SV, which will be delisted by Binance and ShapeShift.
17 April 2019   188

The Japanese exchange SBI Virtual Currencies will delist Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in June Cointelegraph reports.

It is noteworthy that SBI won't delist Bitcoin SV, which will be delisted by Binance and ShapeShift.

Among the main reasons for the delisting of the exchange called the decline in market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash. Also, representatives of the marketplace are convinced that BCH has recently become more at risk of an “attack of 51%.”

This material is not part of the rules for the management system of virtual currency related information of Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Business Association.


In addition, AMB Crypto reports that SBI is dissatisfied with the consequences of hard forks, as a result of which the BSV asset appeared, and Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency itself has lost a significant part of its value in a short time.

Some users of social networks have expressed the opinion that the true reason for delisting Bitcoin Cash lies in the partnership of the management of the exchange with the company nChain, where Craig Wright, who supports Bitcoin SV, works.

Large exchange OKEx decided not to delist Bitcoin SV too. Moreover, until April 19, the launch of the FloatSV cryptocurrency exchange, created in partnership with OKEx, is expected to be launched, the main asset of which will be Bitcoin SV.