Critical Vullnerability to be Found in EOS Network

Chinese security giant 360 team had found critical security issue in above-mentioned platform
29 May 2018   526

A critical vulnerability in EOS blockchain can allow attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on network nodes and establish control over them. This is reported by the cnLedger.

cnLedger Twitter
cnLedger Twitter

An attacker can deploy a smart contract with malicious code on the supernode of EOS, which will execute the contract and activate the bug. Once such a contract is included in the block, all full nodes can be attacked, cnLedger says.

The Chinese company also called on cybersecurity experts to study blockchain projects more thoroughly, since in the future vulnerabilities could be found in other cryptocurrencies.

cnLedger Twitter
cnLedger Twitter

Just yesterday, the massive sale of Ethereum tokens on the Bitfinex exchange was linked to the EOS project team. As a result, the rate of the second on the capitalization of the crypto currency decreased significantly.

EOS to Become Transaction Volume Leader

EOS transaction volume to exceed Bitcoin's, Ethereum's and even Tron's
15 January 2019   114

According to the Coinmetrics analytical resource, EOS has become the absolute leader in terms of transaction volume.

Tron blockchain activity is approx twice lower than EOS. The volume of Ethereum transactions is about 11 times smaller than that of EOS. Also note that XRP is slightly higher than bitcoin in this parameter.

CoinDesk analyst Peter Ryan emphasizes that transactional activity in smart contract platforms is usually much higher than that of cryptocurrencies, which mainly function as a means of preserving value.