Crown Meetup to Take Place in Miami

Crown has announced that the next Team and Community meeting will take place in Miami, USA, on March 3, 2018 at the Standard Hotel
16 February 2018   399

Сrown is a digital token and application platform for driving technological and financial innovation. The project aims to become a global payment, messaging and application platform, enabling developers to build complex new economy applications and offer an efficient low transaction cost platform to store value, register ownership, and manage contractual relationships.

Crown has announced that the next Team and Community meeting will take place in Miami, USA, on March 3, 2018 at the Standard Hotel.

Crown announcement regarding miami meetup
Crown announcement regarding Miami meetup

Location: Standard Hotel, 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
Date and time: March 3, 2018, from 9AM to 5PM

The agenda of the meeting includes Crown Origins, Crown KPI Updates, High Level Milestones Goals, Q&A session and Networking.

The attendees will get to know about the latest updates presented on Crown codebase, team of developers, partnerships/alliances, members, social media followers, token value and volume growth, exchanges and more.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Crown:

Average price: $3,13
Market cap: $53 822 912
24h volume: $317 619

Cryptocurrency to be Regulated in France

French Ministry of the Economy and Finances creates working group to regulate cryptocurrency
22 March 2018   117

Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of the Economy, announced the government initiative to constitute the instructions and regulations towards cryptocurrency. The group is also aimed to decrease the influence of Bitcoin and altcoins to the formal system of economy with the help of required concept. These measures would help French government to prevent tax avoidance and some other criminal activities (such as money laundering).

In an op-ed that was published in French media this week the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire made a promise not to miss the blockchain revolution. He refined the reasons of the French authorities`decision to regulate the technology. According to his point of view, it is impossible for any consumer or entrepreneur to carry out a transaction, invest, develop in business being in a regulatory vacuum. The Minister also put this position on the top among the rest questions to be discussed at G20 Summit in Buenos Aires. Bruno Le Maire is sure that the role of France is to be a driving force in “building the world of tomorrow”.

The Minister is going to present his case at the G20 Summit in 2018 in Argentina. He hopes that the framework can help in decreasing illegal activity in cryptocurrencies. Le Maire also explained that the sphere of digital funds is extremely attractive for criminals.

The leader of the working group is Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of France Jean-Pierre Landau. The French Central Bank supports the Government and hopes there would be no negative impact and consequences for the traditional economy system.

The key object of cryptocurrency regulation is to limit various negative factors in the financial sphere caused by digital money, such as the price volatility. Le Maire claims that at the same time the regulation of the cryptocurrency can support the development of the technology and can even lead to the economic growth. As blockchain can destroy not only traditional daily practices in banking and financial markets, but also patents and certified acts, the French Minister of Economy urges that the working group should foresee all these changes and become “actors of this revolution”, instead of simple viewers.