Crypto ATM Provider Adds TRON Support

CoinFlip has announced that Tron became available at its crypto ATMs
03 April 2018   742

CoinFlip strives to provide the best cash to crypto experience building cryptocurrency terminals to make purchasing and selling cryptocurrency easier, allowing the users skip the long onboarding times of traditional exchanges.

Currently CoinFlip supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum at all of its terminals. On April 3, 2018 CoinFlip has announced that Tron (TRX) also became available at the crypto ATMs. Tron became the first ERC20 token that the users can purchase with cash, buying TRX with USD at any one of CoinFlip 57 nationwide locations, which are spread from California and Nevada to Texas and Wisconsin.

It is worth mentioning that Tron is a decentralized content entertainment protocol based on blockchain technology, which aims to construct a global free content entertainment system build on blockchain technology.

ABCC Exchange to be 1st to List TRC-10 Tokens

TRC-10 is a token standard supported by the original TRX cryptocurrency blockchain
16 January 2019   596

ABCC cryptocurrency exchange has entered into a partnership with the Tron project and will be the first platform to list for TRC-10 tokens.

This is stated in the ABCC tweet, the news was also confirmed by the founder and CEO of Tron Justin San.

As stated in the developer guide, TRC-10 is a token standard supported by the native Tron cryptocurrency blockchain (TRX) without deploying the Tron virtual machine (TVM).

At the same time, the TRC-20 standard token is used for smart contracts with TVM support and is fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard tokens on the Ethereum platform.

Earlier it was reported that the standard token TRC-10 will form the basis of BitTorrent Token (BTT). The project also plans a tokesale on the Launchpad platform from the Binance exchange.

Last week, the TRX cryptocurrency came in 9th place in terms of capitalization, bypassing the Bitcoin SV.

As of Wednesday morning, January 16, the TRX price, dropping 3.97% over the day, was $ 0.024. Cryptocurrency capitalization was $ 1.622 billion.