Crypto Bank ITO is Only Several Days Away

One of the most significant events of March 2018 is due to occur in just a couple of days, don't miss out on Datarius Cryptobank ITO!
26 February 2018   644

On March 5 at 12:12 UTC Datarius, the first social p2p cryptobank, launches its Main ITO Round!

Datarius project has already experienced more than a year of preparatory work, getting attention from key personalities and companies, the support of crypto-community, highly successful pre-ITO round, gap analysis, a fivefold increase in the number of community members since the beginning of the year, and high ratings from the rating agencies.

Datarius is a project, which surely stands out of the crowd, and we have already mentioned it in our list of the best investment-worth projects, and wrote about its upcoming crowdsale.

What is Datarius?

Datarius is the first social p2p cryptobank, which aims to provide the consumer with the widest possible range of financial instruments, bringing the maximum number of financial consumers together, and giving them freedom of choice and action. Its goal is to provide a high level of automation, and to create a truly social fintech product. The users will have the right to choose the most appropriate cost and terms of borrowing funds. They will always be able to call on analysts, risk managers, databases, credit and user ratings, the entire history of transactions and expert opinion – not one and not just of the project’s staff.

Why to participate in ITO?

DTRC token is a unique key and the only tool to access all the benefits of the Cryptobank: loans with the most favorable terms, joint investments, personal piggy cryptobank, trust limits, trust management and much more. The ITO round, which runs from March 5th to April 5th, is the last chance to become the key holder and get significant bonuses. The emission of tokens will end together with the round. The number of people, willing to gain access to the most complete set of financial instruments, will continuously grow and the number of tokens will remain the same forever. This is the last unique opportunity to become an active user of the bank of the future and start earning money with the project’s team.

We believe in what we are doing and we are confident that the format of the fintech we propose is the format of the future #Cryptorize!

Datarius Team

What to do?

The future is almost here, and you can easily become a part of it! That is what you should do:

  • Visit the Datarius official website and register as a future member at
  • Subscribe to any project’s official social media to stay abreast of the latest news, updates and to follow the Datarius development
  • Participate in the Referral Program of the project and share your vision and information with friends to get an additional 5% bonus
  • Come on March 5 at 12:12 UTC to participate directly in ITO and get a 30% bonus

What about bonuses?

The project offers a range of bonuses for its users:

  • 30% - 0-6 hours
  • 25% - 6-12 hours
  • 20% - 12-24 hours
  • 15% - 24-48 hours
  • 10% - 48h (hours) -15d (days)

Nevetheless, note that from the 15th day and until the round completion no bonuses will be available, so don't miss a chance to get your bonus by taking part in the ITO as early as possible!

To sum up, we can say that if you are sick of lobbism, opacity, greed, classical financial systems banality, aspire to have freedom of choice and financial services, and believe in the future of decentralization and blockchain technology, Datarius is exactly what you need.

Don't miss Datarius ITO on March 5, 12:12 UTC at Stay tuned!

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Nishiawakura to Launch First Municepal ICO in Japan

Officials studied the possibility to strengthen the economy of the village thru the ICO since November 2017
19 June 2018   136

The authorities of the Japanese village of Nishyavakura from Okayama prefecture announced the start of the initial coin offering (ICO). Officials studied the possibility to strengthen the economy of the village thru the ICO since November 2017. This is reported by

With the help of the ICO and its own crypto currency, the authorities hope to get money for "a sustainable regional economy in the future, providing the municipal authorities with new financial resources and developing the region with the help of starting investments."

1500 people lives in village, and 95% of area are occupied by woods. In the early 2000s, when all the municipalities of the country joined the city's districts, Nishyavakura managed to remain an economically independent village and since then the authorities have been seeking funds for its development.

In order to promote the creation of a sustainable region in the future, as a means for small local governments to secure new financing resources and to build up regions through upfront investment, tokens issuance, and the creation of virtual currencies, we will introduce fundraising through an ICO for the first time as a municipality in Japan.

Nishyavakura Statement

The local economy association will issue tokens called Nishiawakura Coin (NAC). The owners of coins will have the right to vote, which will allow them to participate in decision-making regarding enterprises in the village.