Crypto Bank ITO Reaches Soft Cap

Another participant of our weekly ICO review reached great results
30 March 2018   699

The Datarius project – the first social p2p cryptobank – has reached SoftCap, raising 1 605 284 USD at the moment of the press. The final ITO round, launched on March 5 at 12:12 UTC, is in high gear. In the round, thousands of users from 55 countries have already participated. 

About Datarius

Datarius is the first social p2p cryptobank. The main idea of ​​the project is to provide the consumer with the widest range of financial instruments; to bring the maximum number of financial consumers together; to give freedom of choice and action; to provide a high level of automation; to create a truly social fintech product; to prove by ourselves that the decentralization and lack of borders are benefits. SoftCap overhit means that the project will be implemented.

DatariusDatarius reached soft cap

From now on, the further implementation of the project’s functions and features depends on each participant. The final ITO stage will be completed immediately upon reaching its HardCap. The ongoing final round is your last chance to become the DTRC token holder and to receive significant bonuses. DTRC token is a unique key and the only tool to access all the benefits of the Cryptobank: loans with the most favorable terms, joint investments, personal piggy cryptobank, trust limits, trust management and much more.

How to participate in ITO

It is rather simple to join the successful project of the future. You have only to:

  • Visit the Datarius official website and register as a participant at;
  • Participate in the project’s Referral Program and share your vision and information with friends to get an additional 5% bonus. 

The Datarius ITO stage six is live now, don’t miss a chance to invest in the project!

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SoftBank & Baidu to Invest in Atlas Protocol

Atlas Protocol was created by Nebulas Labs and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance
21 August 2018   130

The Atlas Protocol marketing module (ATP) has completed a round of attracting initial funding, led by SoftBank China Venture Capital (SBCVC), having collected several million dollars during it.

In a multimillion-dollar round, the exact amount of which was not disclosed, Baidu Ventures (BV), Danhua Capital and Fenbushi Digital also took part.

Atlas Protocol was created by Nebulas Labs and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA). The "first developer" of Google Adwords, Jeremy Zhao and Columbia University Professor Ronggui Gu will serve as project advisors on technical issues.

Atlas Protocol plans to create a blockchain ecosystem and "to form a new paradigm of interactive marketing." According to the press release, ATP allows you to rank "calculated values ​​on the block and transfer value using tokens" using the ATP Smartdrop service application.

xGoogler Blockchain Alliance was formed in April this year as a community of former Google employees interested in blockchain technology. Its founders were the developers of projects Nebulas, Loopring and Gifto.