The Crypto Con 2018 to be Held in Mumbai

The Cryptocurrency Event held on March 23 of 2018 will bring leading experts to share knowledge and discuss the opportunities in a best professional environment
01 March 2018   1146

The Crypto Con will take place on March 23, 2018 in Mumbai hosting a large number of digital currency enthusiasts, investors and traders, who want to know more about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The conference will host attendees from more than 10 countries including United States, Russia and the United Kingdom, and will give the participants a unique opportunity to discuss and showcase the recent and upcoming cryptocurrency mining trends while networking with some of the biggest players in the market.

the crypto con 2018 mumbai logoThe Crypto Con 2018 Mumbai logo

The headline speakers include José Alejandro Regojo Barrón (Bitcoin Gold core team member), Francisco “ArticMine” Cabañas (Monero), Michael Gord (Founder & CEO at MLG Blockchain Consulting), Michael Yuan (Chief Scientist and Co-founder at CyberMiles), Matej Michalko (Founder & President at Decent), and many more.

The agenda of the conference covers Digital Currency and Indian Economy-An insider’s insight, Innovations in the cryptocurrency market, Evolution and challenges with an ever-increasing database, Challenges of increased taxation of profits and Barriers in adoption and more.

Binance to Change Launchpad IEO Rules

Binance is going to implement the lottery format for the next tokensale campaign
25 March 2019   9

Binance announced a change in the format of the next tokensale on the Launchpad platform to a lottery. At the same time, the number of lottery tickets per account will depend on the size of the steak in the BNB for 20 days before IEO.

Note that one account can get up to 5 lottery tickets. Winners will be selected by randomizer.

BNB Balance to Lottery Tickets Ratio
BNB Balance to Lottery Tickets Ratio

It is noteworthy that within 20 days before the lottery, the BNB-deposit snapshot will be carried out daily at 0:00 UTC to monitor the fulfillment of the conditions.

Each winning ticket will grant the right to purchase tokens for a fixed amount in BNB equivalent. As soon as the user informs the exchange that he is ready to use a certain number of tickets in case of their winnings, this obliges him to purchase tokens and the money will be debited automatically.

Binance acknowledged that the price of BNB may fluctuate due to daily snapshots, and its potential decline may not be covered by the benefit from the new token, and encouraged users to make informed decisions.

In addition, Changpeng Zhao urged the community to comment on the new format in a separate Twitter thread in order to make the necessary feedback-based changes, if needed.

During the Celer Network tokensale on the Launchpad platform again had bandwidth problems; many people did not manage to purchase tokens.