Crypto Market Can Hit $1T in 2018, Kraken CEO Says

New optimistic cryptocurrency forecast; from Jesse Powell this time
13 March 2018   689

According to the CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powell, in the remaining months of 2018, crypto-currencies can retreat from the lows and begin moving towards new highs.This is reported by Smartereum

In the crypto industry, many companies have appeared, many people are involved in business with crypto-currencies, and all this can lead to the market capitalization exceeding $ 1 trillion already this year, Powell said.

And this despite the fact that some crypto-currencies are falling, the total market capitalization can only increasing in annual terms.

The current aggregate market capitalization of all crypto currencies currently stands at about $ 417 billion, but until the recent recession, capitalization has reached about $ 800 billion.

Thus, if the total market capitalization can rise only 25% of the maximum, it can actually reach $ 1 trillion.

The main problem of growth of crypto-currency is the problem of regulation. If regulatory problems are not resolved in the near future, the number of traders, as well as investors in crypto-currencies, will decrease.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to use an appropriate regulatory framework, as well as trade mechanisms, writes Smartereum.

Kraken to Prepare a Private Listing at $4B Valuation

The company sent letters to the largest customers, which told about a new investment feature
12 December 2018   122

The well-known US cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is considering the possibility of a private placement of securities, reports Finance Magnates.

The company sent letters to the largest customers, which told about a new investment opportunity. In particular, Kraken users are invited to participate in an online survey before receiving additional information about private placement.

Representatives of Kraken emphasize that the exchange does not particularly need financing. However, given the bear market and "significant reserves", Kraken is considering various opportunities for new acquisitions.

In letters to customers it is noted that the placement will be carried out with a company valuation of $ 4 billion. At the same time, the minimum amount of investment in Kraken shares is $ 100 thousand.

Kraken also intends to assess each investor for compliance with the criteria for participation in the placement. Interested users must respond to the Kraken offer before December 16th.

Founded in July 2011, the Kraken exchange is currently in 27th place in terms of trading volume.

Private placement involves the distribution of securities among a predetermined number of investors. In case of private placement, no public offer is made to buy securities to anyone.

As a rule, such an issue of securities is easier to organize, it causes less legal difficulties and practically does not require marketing costs. Company also doesn't need to disclose financial and business information to an unlimited number of individuals, including competitors.

On the other hand, as a rule, private placement allows you to collect less money than public.