Cryptoblockade Petitions claimed by India`s Supreme Court

The Supreme Court (SC) of India has prohibited all high courts from filing petitions against the central bank’s (RBI) crypto-curbing circular from April
18 May 2018   1120

The cryptocurrency exchanges, adopters and advocacy groups pace different high courts (HC) around the country in filing petitions against the RBI’s circular from April – effectively barring banks from processing all cryptocurrency purchases – in a hearing on Thursday the Supreme Court has ordered that HCs will no longer let any petitions to be filed, according to the report by the local news resource Crypto Kanoon. The Supreme Court has also denied to put any stay, or a temporary delay, on the central bank’s circular.

The Delhi High Court was given the petitions against the RBI circular by the range of crypto firms including the exchange operator Kali Digital and Flintstone Tech, a crypto trading and storage platform. They claimed that RBI’s new measures were “arbitrary, unfair and unconstitutional”. Earlier this month, 4 more Indian exchanges challenged the RBI circular and its constitutional validity with a writ petition. During Thursday’s events` development, the Supreme Court has appointed the next proceeding on the matter on July 20 when it will hear related petitions filed at the court.

After numerous warnings against cryptocurrency-related investments over the years, the Reserve Bank of India published a sweeping policy banning all regulated financial institutions including banks from providing services to firms “dealing with or settling [cryptocurrencies]” on April 5. The RBI also mandated banks to settle and block their services and relationships with customers dealing with cryptocurrencies in a 3-month period that will run out on June 6.

Binance to Add WeChat and Alipay Support

According to the anonymous sources of The Block, the feature is in the testing stage for Android users
10 October 2019   114

Binance Exchange will add support for the largest Chinese payment systems WeChat and Alipay.

Referring to informed sources, The Block reported that this option is currently being tested for Android users, and will soon become available for iOS and the desktop version of the trading platform.

Note that in China, the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges were officially banned at the end of 2017. However, residents of the country are actively using P2P and OTC platforms to buy bitcoin.