Cryptocurrencies Are Now Taught in High School

High School in New Jersey is teaching its students about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies
22 February 2018   481

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are now taught in high school and college classrooms. Due to the fact that students were interested in learning more about this industry and crypto, a financial literacy teacher considered adding cryptocurrencies to his Business and Personal Finance class.

Junior and senior students are eligible to take the course on budgeting, credit cards, taxes, investing, entrepreneurship including a section on cryptocurrencies. This section focuses on the history of cryptography and the applications of blockchain technology.

We’re not teaching it in the sense that you have to invest it, we are just giving the facts of it. The blockchain is the key to all of this. That’s the revolutionary piece to it.

According to the students, they want to thank their progressive teachers for introducing valuable things about things that will help us in the future.

Despite the fact that this topic is new to high schools, it’s already popular at universities across the country. to Mine for Charity

According to the calculations, if 10k computers will run the minning screensaver for 12 hours a day, the charity fund will receive $10k monthly
18 July 2018   104

Social platform for petitions announced the launch of a screensaver that mines Monero on users' computers. All tokens will be transferred to the charity fund of This is reported by Coindesk.

This initiative was launched in partnership with the marketing agency Tracelocke Brazil.

Representatives of report that the screensaver will consume resources only when users do not use the computer. According to their calculations, if 10 thousand computers will run the screensaver for 12 hours a day, the charity fund will be transferred $ 10 thousand monthly.

At the moment the program is available only for Windows users and the platform did not report on the release plans for the version for macOS.

Note that at the end of April, a similar action was launched by the Australian unit of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund; (UNICEF). The website "Page of Hope" mines Monero cryptocurrency.