Cryptocurrencies market cap exceeded $200B

In less than a year the market of crypto-currency grew more than tenfold; continue reading to learn more
03 November 2017   1087

At the moment of press, overall marketcap of cryptocoins, that are represented at Coinmarketcap, reached $200,849,000,000. 

Total Market Capitalization
Total Market Capitalization

The overall growth of the market is largely due to the recent sudden rise in the bitcoin price above $ 7000, the capitalization of which has already exceeded $ 120B. At that, the index of dominance of the first crypto currency is 61.2%. This means that the demand for bitcoin is higher than for all other cryptocoins combined.

Percentage of Total Market Capitalization (Dominance)
Percentage of Total Market Capitalization (Dominance)

Also, many altcoins are now showing growth, adjusting up after a deep dump. Among the top 10 caps on the Coinmarketcap rating, Bitcoin Cash continues to be the growth leader (+ 16% for the day and + 87% for the last 7 days).

Top ten cryptocurrencies
Top ten cryptocurrencies

The total daily trading volume of crypto-currencies also reached record values ($ 9.4 billion).

It should also be noted that at the beginning of this year, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency hardly exceeded the level of $ 18 billion. Consequently, in less than a year the market of cryptocurrencies grew more than tenfold.

Arizona to Protect Crypto Nodes Legally

According to the public records, proposed protections for cryptocurrency node operators are moving ahead in Arizona's legislature
21 February 2018   43

On February 6 House Bill 2602 was filed by Representative Jeff Weninger (R.-17). It passed the Arizona House of Representatives on February 20 with 55 out of 60 votes. Now it will be sent to the State Senate.

The bill will prevent governments in the state from imposing restrictions on people who run nodes in their residences.

The bill does not specify whether it is restricted to cryptocurrency miners. However, the bill states that individuals using computing power to either validate or encrypt a transaction on a blockchain are protected.

This is just one out several bills making their way through the Arizona legislature. Another bill by Weninger would formally define the terms "coin", "blockchain," and "initial coin offering" within the state's legal framework.

Another bill recently passed by the Arizona Senate which would empower the state government to accept taxes in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.