Cryptocurrency market capitalizations overview

Ethereum falls below $300 due to ICOs issues
26 June 2017   2089

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Bitcoin and the most of the altcoins had a new downturn this weekend and left investors wondering what this week will bring to their capital.

This Monday, Bitcoin had fallen to an average $2530 on Coinmarketcap, -5.15% in 24 hours.

Ethereum (ETH), due to three ICOs with network issues last week, fell considerably even, returning below $300 to currently trade around $283.

CryptoCurrency Market CapitalizationsCryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

ETH’s sudden network issues meanwhile is leading analysts to forecast continued losses into this week.

Tone Vays highlighted weak lines of support versus BTC, and argued prices “might drop another 40%” before “strong support” appears.

Binance to Spread Crypto Fiat Wings

The list of upcoming jurisdictions was found by the Block
18 January 2019   62

The Block has gained access to the list of jurisdictions in which the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance intends to launch fiat trading platforms. The latter use technology Binance, but will be separate legal entities.

Alleged Binance New Operation Jurisdictions
Alleged Binance New Operation Jurisdictions

In 2019, the exchange allegedly intends to launch full-scale activities in Malta and in Singapore. At the same time, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Russia, Turkey and Argentina are in the plans.

Note that in October last year, such a platform appeared in Uganda, and just a few days ago - on the island of Jersey.