Cryptoforecast Token Moves to Ethereum Blockchain

Cryptoforecast is migrating to Ethereum blockchain, and the users are recommended to withdraw CFTs from the Cryptopia by April 16
31 March 2018   720

Cryptoforecast is an application based on an algorithm called PILLAR, which is able to forecast the future movement of BTC, ETH, XMR, XRP, DASH or other cryptourrencies, Cryptoforecas aims to be able to give extremely precise indications about future movements giving a fundamental support for all the decisions that a trader has to make.

Cryptoforecast has announced that it is migrating to Ethereum blockchain. The 50.000.000 supply of “omni” CFT will be reduced to 25 million CFT token on ETH blockchain. The smart contract will also be opened to the possibility of token burn, if this will became opportune.
Transfer cost will decrease  as  at the moment ETH is faster and cheaper than BTC.

Cryptopia exchange has announced that in order to ensure the funds are safe and converted to the new ERC-20 token it recommends withdrawing CFTs from the exchange by April 16 and researching the procedure around the swap. However, Cryptopia will not be participating in the swap, and it can not confirm yet that the new ERC-20 token will be listed.

Other news are incoming ,  including new webapp and new interface with completley new analysis tools, and our editorial board will keep our readers on all the latest news.

Prime Trust to Launch Custody Service for Crypto

CEO claimed his company will be the first to offer custody for any ERC-20 tokens
15 August 2018   183

Prime Trust announced the launch of the cryptocurrency custody service. This is reported by the Coindesk.

It became known that as early as the middle of July, the bitcoin storage service became available to customers, and next week support for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens will be added.

In cryptographic storages, the access key to the wallet is stored either on a secure device not connected to the network or on paper in a safe.

Recently, information has appeared that several financial market mastodons, including Goldman Sachs, Northern Trust and Intercontinental Exchange, plan to provide custodian services for cryptocurrencies. However, according to Prime Trust head Scott Purcell, they were able to get ahead of the above-mentioned organizations.

They are trillion-dollar Fortune 100 entities, and they are just not going to move that fast. "We had had an engineering breakthrough which now enables us to easily cold-storage any ERC-20 token (along with BTC and ETH, of course).

Scott Purcell

CEO, Price Trust

Also, Scott notes that Prime Trust will be the first company to offer any ERC-20 tokens storage services.