Crypto Payroll Service Bitwage to Lunch ICO Advisory Firm

Bitwage, started in 2011 as a Bitcoin payroll and payment service, has now established an ICO advisory firm Inwage after recognizing the importance of ICOs
31 May 2018   1812

The firm is going to suggest technical services and marketing services such as smart contract development and auditing and website creation as well as PR and event marketing. It overcame the initial fundraising target of the first customer, Moria Token, by 40%, raising $50 million in the ICO for the project that is aimed to provide an investment platform for the mining of precious metals as well as aiding with IT and security compliance.

While ICOs provide a unique opportunity for companies to raise money from a wide range of individuals and entities around the globe, it is often seen as a complex, expensive and risky process. Having launched Bitwage back in 2014, Inwage leverages our experience in Blockchain to build a highly secure turnkey solution for companies of all sizes to launch ICOs.
Crytpo Payroll Company (in their blogpost)

Bitwage ran a second service together with the Inwage company called Ether Inputs, citing the inability of definite companies running ICOs to obtain bank account for paying the workers. The firm suggests bitcoin and now ethereum as payroll funding options, with employees being able to select to gain a part of the wage in local currency as well through Bitwage and Ether Inputs.

Aragon and Status are 2 startups that have already been applying the service since the start of 2018 following the soft launch in January. So, the field of ICOs and crpyto regulation can be difficult for startup firms, and the Inwage is the latest in a series of new advisory companies standing by to guide new projects. 

VanEck & SolidX to Withdraw BTC ETF Application

Bitwise and Wilshire Phoenix' Bitcoin applications are still pending
18 September 2019   46

The bid for Bitcoin ETF launch by VanEck and SolidX, considered the most likely candidate for approval, was withdrawn amid continuing uncertainty from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

VanEck and SolidX planned to place their Bitcoin ETFs on the Chicago Options Exchange (Cboe). However, as follows from the notification published on Tuesday, on September 13, the latter withdrew the application for a change in the rules, which, if approved, would allow launching the corresponding tool.

Previously, SEC postponed the solution several times at the request of VanEck and SolidX. The last time this happened in August was when the decision on Bitcoin ETFs from Bitwise Asset Management and Wilshire Phoenix was also postponed.

The final deadlines for decision making on Bitwise and VanEck / SolidX applications were on October 13 and 18, respectively. Wilshire Phoenix's decision is due on September 29th.

It should be noted that over the past few years, various companies have sought approval from the SEC to launch exchange-traded funds, but each time the regulator refused. Most often, the reasons for the negative decision were explained by the risks of market manipulations and insufficiently developed market control tools.