Dash Apple wallet available on AppStore

Dash digital currency approved for use in Apple App Store
20 July 2017   1221

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Dash, one of the world's leading digital currency for payments, has released an officially approved Apple wallet with InstantSend support. Now the wallet is available for download in the App Store.

In fact, the company has now formally reversed an August 2016 decision to deny entry to the App Store for applications integrating Dash, including the official Dash wallet.  


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As Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core, reports, Dash continues to expand its user base and ecosystem of services, that's why it is critical for the users to have an access to their Dash funds on a variety of platforms, especially mobile devices. Dash’s instant payments make Dash ideal for point-of-sale situations, which means mobile phone support for all of our users is a must.

As it turned out, several Dash-integrated wallets have been submitted to the App Store since 2015, but the majority of them were rejected.

Apple is in a difficult position. Ultimately, they are attempting to look out for user safety by preventing less reputable projects from accessing the Apple Store ecosystem ... The fact that Apple now recognizes the increased demand and importance of Dash speaks to the progress we’ve made in reaching larger and larger audiences.

Ryan Taylor
CEO of Dash Core

The final step of the appeal process was a six-page written report submitted to the App Store at the beginning of June, informing Apple of Dash’s surge in popularity, growth in value and demand, ability to scale, and its improvements upon bitcoin as a consumer’s e-commerce currency of choice.

Dash wallet App  Dash Wallet App (image: Dash)

An official iOS compatible Dash wallet, built by the Dash Core Team, is now ready for download on the App Store.

Venezuelan KFC CEO to Deny DASH Acception

KFC management had discussed this issue with representatives of Dash, however, so far the parties have not signed the agreement
12 December 2018   96

KFC Venezuela CEO Antonio Sampaio denied reports that the branches of the restaurant chain will start accepting payment in Dash cryptocurrency. This is reported by Cointelegraph.

He said that KFC management had discussed this issue with representatives of Dash. However, so far the parties have not signed the agreement and KFC has not given permission for the public to publicize this news.

Information about the start of accepting payments in Dash in the Venezuelan branches of KFC was reported by the publication Forbes, and then was confirmed on Twitter by the director of public relations of DashNews Mark Mason. It was reported that the service will be available already this week.