Dash Enters Dozens of Partnerships in January

Dash cryptocurrency enters more and more crucial partnerships and integrations expanding its market and providing services in different fields in various countries
06 February 2018   1065

Dash is a cryptocurrency which is mainly used to make instant payments online or in-store using secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.

It seems like January was quite a successful month for Dash cryptocurrency, as it has made lots of new partnerships and integrations with major crypto exchanges, companies, banks, and other organizations.

  • Exchanges BitINKA and Bitcoin.vn added Dash, growing purchase options for Dash in Latin America and Vietnam
  • Bitnovo added Dash to its platform, enabling its purchase online for bank transfer or credit card around Spain
  • GoCoin, Piiko, and Strike Social added Dash, bringing integration to such businesses as real estate, mobile topups, social media marketing, movie tickets
  • The US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory announced a partnership with BlockCypher to enable Dash payments for trading excess electricity
  • Mercury Cash added Dash for purchase with debit card and bank transfer
  • MorphToken added it to its instant exchange platform
  • Bravo Pawn Systems announced a Dash integration into its platform
  • WebMoney added Dash-linked notes to its settlement exchange

Moreover, Neptune Dash company went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange’s TSX-Venture exchange, Dash donated $350,000 to a blockchain research laboratory at Arizona State University, and the Dash Squad group conducted a successful range of activities in Nigeria, adding over 800 new Dash wallets. 

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Dash:

Average price: $384,09
Marketcap: $3 021 872 013
24h volume: $86 557 300

Dealers to Sell Drugs For Crypto in Korea

Nine criminals arrested; they were accepting DarkCoin (Dash) cryptocurrency
25 December 2018   235

The authorities of South Korea detained nine people accused of distributing drugs for cryptocurrency, Finance Magnates reports.

As prosecutors of central district of Seoul announced on Sunday, the alleged criminals were involved in the distribution of drugs in Darkweb, and even created a separate website for this. Over time, he began to attract more and more visitors. Between March and November, there were 636 people in their community. To date, the site has been closed. It is noted that this is the first such operation of the South Korean authorities in the darkweb.

The detainees are also accused of growing marijuana and selling homemade hashish. In addition, they ordered other psychoactive substances abroad and distributed them to local residents. The owner and developer of the site among other things charged with the use of marijuana.

For financial transactions, dealers used the DarkCoin cryptocurrency (note - obviously, they mean Dash, which received its current name in 2015). Now, the authorities intend to keep 100 million won ($ 88,700), received from the practice of illegal activities.

Earlier this year, British police confiscated at least 300 bitcoins worth about $ 1.7 million owned by drug dealers and money launderers who used cryptocurrency to conceal their activities. In the US, the problem is even more ambitious - in June, 35 people were detained, from whom a total of $ 20 million was withdrawn in cryptocurrencies.