Dash have got USD Record $570 and 2MB Block

Now they have fourth place in cryptocurrency market
22 November 2017   786

Altcoin Dash had hit $570 per coin for the first time after it had a client update and new features which send investment into overdrive. They published new Dash Core release version 12.2 in 8 of November. Thanks to this it was possible to achieve both a 10 times reduction in transaction fees and an upgrade to 2MB blocks which increased throughput. After this Dash has risen over $250. And now in cryptocurrency market cap it has the fourth-largest.

DASH is emerging as the crypto payment rail while Bitcoin asserts itself as Gold 2.0.


Max Keiser, Dash economist and Bitcoin advocate

One of the reasons for introducing new features has become the need to help “solve inflation” in the turbulent economy of Zimbabwe, because this country needs in increased throughput and large amounts of transactional in a short time. The project for Zimbabwe was realized in partnership with KuvaCash.

Venezuelan KFC to Accept DASH

The option of Dash payment will appear in Caracas, then this service will be available at KFC offices in 24 regions of the country
10 December 2018   71

This week, the KFC restaurant chain will start accepting payment in Dash's cryptocurrency in Venezuela. About this writes Forbes with reference to the co-founder of Dash Help, Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Text Alejandro Echeverria. This information was also confirmed by Dash’s PR manager Mark Mason on Twitter.

The possibility of payment in Dash will appear in Caracas, then this service will be available at KFC offices in 24 regions of the country.

According to Alejandro Etcheverria, people prefer to use Dash for everyday transactions, because this is a convenient payment solution. As the newspaper writes, Subway, Papa John’s and Traki are already working with Dash in Venezuela.

According to DiscoverDash, for the year in the South American country, 2,427 outlets introduced the option of payment in cryptocurrency, which ranks 16th in terms of capitalization in CoinMarketCap.