Dash price has reached again more than $500

The most popular 10 cryptocurrencies prices were expected to raise together with Bitcoin and Dash uprising is the most interesting to watch
21 November 2017   2505

Although when some alternative coins start growing, the question of legitimacy appears. There are no obvious evidence and reason for Dash to grow. But price still growing, achieving $500 and it attracts lot of attention.

Dash price has reached $500

Also we can watch increasing interest of privacy-oriented currencies like Monero and Dash. Bitcoin still major currency but it has some problems with anonymity and privacy. And considering the attention governmental agencies pay to cryptocurrencies, there is no surprise that people look for more private currency.

But it is not expected that Dash will shift Bitcoin. People still prefer Bitcoin instead of Dash or other altcoins. Moreover people using many different coins do this for some speculating purposes.

The demand for Dash raised out of the blue, but Bitcoin will be major currency for long. Nonetheless Dash is not sustainable: it reached more than $500 and soon fell to $460.

It is also thought that price raising was provoked by stolen over $30M from Tether recently.

Although despite the total rejection, the price of Dash is 5,52% in USD and 3,65% in BTC now. Bitcoin grows up again, nevertheless the situation is unpredictable and everything can reverse.

Dash Core Group to Lay Off 8% Staff Including Execs

Remaining employees of the Dash Core Group voluntarily refused wages and bonuses to support the existence of the organization
06 March 2019   333

The software developer of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency network Dash, the Dash Core Group, was forced to make some difficult financial decisions. So, on March 7, the company fire 8% of the stuff, including the strategic director and director of business development. This is reported by The Block.

Note that the remaining employees of the Dash Core Group voluntarily refused wages and bonuses to support the existence of the organization.

According to CEO Ryan Taylor, cuts will affect only certain parts of the company in order to avoid complete collapse.

The organization’s leadership claims that more than six months ago, a moratorium was imposed on hiring new people, and the spending policy remains conservative.

It is worth adding that Dash is a fork of Litecoin, which appeared in 2014. The company did not conduct an ICO, and the only source of income is 10% of the mining, divided between the miners and masternodes. Thus, the bear market has quite significantly affected the stability of the organization.

Recall that in November 2018, the Dash Text service was launched in Venezuela, which allows you to send transactions via mobile phones using text messages. Then the event had a positive effect on the asset quotes.