Dash roadmap 2017-TBD

Dash team has big planes on near and far future; look inside for more information
19 July 2017   2225

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks.

Recently, Dash crew posted it's official Roadmap. Let's have a good look at it and figure out, what are they planning to do in the future. 

September 2017

DashPay Wallet Alpha

  • Dash version of CoPay, pre-Evolution functions, on test-net
  • Will lead to full Evolution wallet (not merely a web wallet)
  • DashCore 12.2 Release (September 2017)
  • 2MB block size increase, activation in November 2017
  • 2MB / 5MB block research documentation
  • Launch of a read-only/view-only portal for project documentation which will be open to the entire community (to ensure transparency)
  • Launch a read-only/view-only portal to view current tickets, projects the teams are working on

November 2017

DashPay Evolution Wallet Testnet Release

  • User signup and friending process (Signup procedure for Evolution on testnet // reservation testnet)
  • Basic support for purchase agreements
  • Evolution Account Management (Create, Review, Update, Delete)
  • DAPI testnet release

December 2017

DashCore 12.3 Release

  • HD wallets, rehaul of networking code, etc etc (other Trac items)
  • Evolution Alpha Release to Partners (testnet, December 2017)
  • Integration partner testing
  • Merchant and app testing
  • API & SDK testing
  • Multi-stage escrow transactions
  • Support for user/merchant ratings via maintenance quorums

February 2018

DashPay Evolution Wallet Livenet Release 

  • Signup and Friending Process Evolution on Livenet
  • Evolution Account Management on LiveNet
  • DAPI Livenet Release

June 2018

13.0 - Evolution v1 - Mainnet

  • Public DashPay, DAPI, DashDrive, DashCore v13.0 release
  • Fourth Hiring Wave - Full-time developers
  • 500K daily-users supported
  • Ethernet networking requirement 
  • 1TB HDD / 128GB SSD Req 
  • 64TX/SEC && 5.33MB blocks 
  • Quorum-based DAPI implementation 
  • Proof of service / Proof of blockchain
  • Governance object support for users, groups, accounts
  • Email-based invitation system 
  • State transitions 
  • Encryption of object data
  • Offices in Arizona, Europe (CORE), and Asia (Dash Labs)
  • Age-based quorums 
  • Friending system / Semaphore-based approval system 
  • IPFS DashDrive implementation / Limited sharding ability
  • Official user-friendly Wallet
  • Masternode blocks 
  • Multi-key spork technology 

To Be Determinated

14.0 - Evolution v2

  • Fifth Hiring Wave - Full-time developers
  • 5M daily-users supported
  • 2TB HDD / 256GB SSD / high-end processor
  • 128TX/SEC && 10.67MB blocks 
  • GB Ethernet-handoff / Co-located level networking requirement
  • Ability to move money between public and private accounts 
  • DashDrive v2 3
  • Governance objects for multi-user accounts (multisig)
  • Masternode redundancy planning 
  • Third-party add-ons for customer DAPI objects / wallet schema versioning
  • Automatic form filling for delivery addresses using encrypted blobs
  • External storage support to offload blob storage for payment request history and other information
  • Fiat / Credit card support from within wallet, seamless design 
  • Unofficial Evolution wallets with custom features 
  • Evolution marketplace / Add-ons / Rating system 
  • Hardened entropy-based wallet seeding system 
  • Collateralized mining 

15.0 - Evolution v3

  • Sixth Hiring Wave - Full-time developers
  • 50M daily-users supported
  • 10 GB Ethernet-handoff / Co-located networking requirement
  • 256TX/SEC && 21.34MB blocks 
  • DashDrive sharding / 4TB HD / 512GB SSD
  • GPU based block accelerator
  • Masternode shares via governance objects
  • Group-based masternode shares program 
  • Group-based voting system for picking / dropping hosting providers on group owned masternode
  • Group-based voting for network proposals


  • Custom ULBA hardware, PCI-EX or high speed USB 3.0 
  • Complete end-to-end open source masternode hardware / with custom silicon for processing high volumes of payments and other information. Important for maintaining exploit free hardware systems.
  • Fully open source / ahead-of-curve solutions for ASIC creation, allowing fair distribution and removing proprietary individual investment which creates imbalances in mining hardware 
  • 10% of network transactional fees should go toward budget system
  • v16 - 42.68MB 512TX/S
  • v17 - 85.36MB 1024TX/S
  • v18 - 170.72MB 2048TX/S
  • v19 - 341.45MB 4096TX/S

This roadmap was posted at official GitHub of Dash. You can have more info with footnotes there.  

Dash Core Group to Lay Off 8% Staff Including Execs

Remaining employees of the Dash Core Group voluntarily refused wages and bonuses to support the existence of the organization
06 March 2019   237

The software developer of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency network Dash, the Dash Core Group, was forced to make some difficult financial decisions. So, on March 7, the company fire 8% of the stuff, including the strategic director and director of business development. This is reported by The Block.

Note that the remaining employees of the Dash Core Group voluntarily refused wages and bonuses to support the existence of the organization.

According to CEO Ryan Taylor, cuts will affect only certain parts of the company in order to avoid complete collapse.

The organization’s leadership claims that more than six months ago, a moratorium was imposed on hiring new people, and the spending policy remains conservative.

It is worth adding that Dash is a fork of Litecoin, which appeared in 2014. The company did not conduct an ICO, and the only source of income is 10% of the mining, divided between the miners and masternodes. Thus, the bear market has quite significantly affected the stability of the organization.

Recall that in November 2018, the Dash Text service was launched in Venezuela, which allows you to send transactions via mobile phones using text messages. Then the event had a positive effect on the asset quotes.