Dash teams up with BlockCypher to launch grant program

Dash teams up with BlockCypher in order to launch grant program for blockchain-focused companies
24 August 2017   4787

One of the leading cryptocurrencies, Dash, teams up with BlockCypher, a leading Blockchain Web Services (BWS) provider, in order to launch a grant program for startups and established companies seeking blockchain-based solutions in enterprises and new markets.

As reported, the chosen companies will receive funding for blockchain web services and hosting, consulting, project testing, and integration support.

The Dash Core Group has a history of providing support for businesses seeking to integrate Dash, but now we can do so in an official, mutually beneficial way,” Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor said. “BlockCypher is a wonderful partner for Dash and has been instrumental in attracting new businesses to leverage our network. This program simply extends our support in a structured way to the numerous leads BlockCypher generates for the network.

Ryan Taylor
CEO of Dash Core

One of the organizations that has already received grants is the Patientory Foundation, which is developing a blockchain for securely and efficiently recording patient data. Thus, they are integrating the Dash public blockchain with their private blockchain using BlockCypher’s APIs.

With BlockCypher web services and experience, the goal of this program is to seed projects in regions and use cases where blockchain technology has been underdeveloped,” BlockCypher head of growth Karen Hsu said. “This program is teaming up blockchain focused companies to encourage other companies to adopt blockchain technology. It also uniquely has structured phases towards commercialization.

Karen Hsu
Head of Growth at BlockCypher

The three companies plan to significantly disrupt the way healthcare payments are executed: using blockchains, healthcare providers will be able to settle medical bills faster and more securely, while patients can use BlockCypher web services to maintain Dash wallets and settle payments over the Dash network.

Experts Ask China Don't be in Rush For Own Crypto

Ex deputy chairman of the Bank of China said the CB should take part in the development of international regulation of crypto assets firstly
27 January 2020   123

China should strengthen cooperation with other countries to regulate the cryptocurrency industry, and not accelerate the development of its own digital currency, experts say. It is reported by the South China Morning Post.

So, the former deputy chairman of the People’s Bank of China, Zhu Min, noted that the central bank, which is developing a digital yuan in many ways as Facebook’s Libra response, should first of all take part in the development of international regulation of such assets.

Ba Shusong, chief China economist for the Hong Kong stock exchange, also believes that monitoring digital currencies requires a system that is controlled from different angles, as they have the potential to change the global financial system.

You would need to first improve the regulatory framework for [financial] technology. There is a need for global cooperation for an alternative regulatory framework.


Ba Shusong

Chief China economist for the Hong Kong stock exchange


Many fear that the popularity of Libra could strengthen the dominant role of the US dollar. At the same time, Deutsche Bank analysts believe that the digital yuan will undermine the primacy of the dollar in the global financial market.

Hiromi Yamaoka, the ex-head of the Bank of Japan supervisor of payment and settlement systems, also emphasized that the upcoming launch of Libra has caused competition among central banks seeking to make their currencies and services more attractive.

Something like Libra would make transactions costs much cheaper. Major central banks need to appeal that they, too, are making efforts to make settlement more efficient with better use of digital technology.


Hiromi Yamaoka

Former head of the Bank of Japan’s (BOJ) division overseeing payment and settlement systems