Decent launches content blockchain platform

Blockchain technology will be used in content distributing
27 June 2017   1164

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Decent announce the "digital revolution" and the date of the Blockchain-based digital content distribution platform launch. 

Decent wants to use blockchain technology to make the online media publishing space more effective, convenient and safe. The platform is planed to offer content creators best conditions. 

The team believes that using the blockchain technology will free a giant part of global media content distributing industry costs. Using this technology, artists and content creators will have more control over their content and it's profit. Need for all "middlemen" will be eliminated.

Additionally, Decent will use encryption system in order to guarantee network security. 

According to the mass media, Matej Michalko, founder and CEO of Decent, said that the launch of Decent Network will bring freedom into the world of content distribution.

He also added that an open-sourced blockchain platform with its decentralization will provide the highest levels of trust and security.  

Prototype of the platfrom was presented in January 2016. Developers mananged to raise 5881 BTC at the September's ICO. Today it's only 4 days left for platform's full start.

There were two test released a while ago. Testnet #1 “Caesar” launched in March and Testnet #2 “Alberti” in May 2017. Testers were able to to refine and polish the Decent's network. Company relies on its customers, those people who had contributed a lot to bring Decent network to the release. 

Decent network will provide instant payments from the consumer to content owner. Also, company promised that is just a start and they have many ideas.

Boerse Stuttgart to Launch Crypto Trading Platform

SolarisBank has a license to provide banking services in Germany and will become the banking partner of the exchange
13 December 2018   83

In the second half of 2019, the second largest stock exchange in Germany, the Börse Stuttgart Group, with the support of fintech company solarisBank, will launch a platform for cryptocurrency trading.

The official press release notes that solarisBank has a license to provide banking services in Germany and will become the banking partner of the exchange.

At the initial stage, the platform will support Bitcoin and Ether, and in the future, various tokens that will produce its own ICO-service of the exchange and will also be available in secondary markets.

Access to the trading platform will be available to both retail and institutional traders, and it will differ little from the existing securities trading platform.

In addition, the Boerse Stuttgart Group is awaiting approval by the regulator for the launch of a multilateral trading platform for cryptocurrencies, which will allow to compare the applications of buyers and sellers using electronic systems.

In April of this year, Sowa Labs, the Fintech division of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, reported on the work on the Bison application for cryptocurrency trading. Its launch was expected in September, but so far has not yet taken place.

SolarisBank is also a partner of the Bitwala blockchain-start-up, which on the eve announced the launch of its updated cryptocurrency service offering users a single bank account with support for Bitcoin and Fiat.