Deep learning API for Python

Small review of Gluon API -  clear, concise, simple yet powerful and efficient API for deep learning
16 October 2017   2314

The Gluon API specification is an effort to improve speed, flexibility, and accessibility of deep learning technology for all developers, regardless of their deep learning framework of choice. The Gluon API offers a flexible interface that simplifies the process of prototyping, building, and training deep learning models without sacrificing training speed. 

Check this official screencast tutorials on Gluon on different IDEs.


Main advantages:

  • Simple, Easy-to-Understand Code: Gluon offers a full set of plug-and-play neural network building blocks, including predefined layers, optimizers, and initializers.
  • Flexible, Imperative Structure: Gluon does not require the neural network model to be rigidly defined, but rather brings the training algorithm and model closer together to provide flexibility in the development process.
  • Dynamic Graphs: Gluon enables developers to define neural network models that are dynamic, meaning they can be built on the fly, with any structure, and using any of Python’s native control flow.
  • High Performance: Gluon provides all of the above benefits without impacting the training speed that the underlying engine provides.

Learn more at GitHub

Python News Digest 14 - 20.09

Example of game programming, code kata as a funny way to improve your coding skills and many other interest stuff awaits you
19 September 2019   137

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Python news digest.

In this digest, you will learn the basics of game programming in Python, how to create mandals and much more.


  • PyGame: A Primer on Game Programming in Python

Learn the basics of game programming in Python.

  • Voronoi Mandals

A piece of code that create mandals-like ornament just for fun

  • Python Code Kata: Fizzbuzz

According to authors, code kata is an ineterstin way to improve coding skills, and the fizzbuzz is one of the most popular kata's

  • How to Convert a Python String to int

Full fledged guide enlights the topic, mentioned in the header greatly


  • How "Export to Excel" Almost Killed Our System

Learn how an ordinary situation almost destroyed the whole thing and how the team was able to make it 4 times faster

  • why python is the best-suited programming language machine learning

Python and its usage with the hottest trend of today


  • NeMo

Neural Modules are the kit of tools, designed by Nvidia for AI apps development, created around controversational AI


  • Cultivating The Python Community In Argentina - Episode 229

Learn about the growing Python community in Argentina in a talk of host Tobias Macey, Technical Operations teamlead at MIT Open Learningwith Facundo Batista, Pythonist from exotic country and co-founder of a local Python user group

  • Episode #230: Python in digital humanities research

Learn about non-trial Python usage by Cornelis van Lit, a scholar of medieval Islamic philosophy and woks at Utrecht University in the Netherlands thru his talk with Michael Kennedy, Python and MongoDB enthusiast, and an entrepreneur

  • Episode #148: The ASGI revolution is upon us!

The "revolution" of Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface is discussed by Brian Okken, podcast host and the author of "Python Testing with pytest and Michael Kennedy, Python and MongoDB enthusiast, and an entrepreneur