Dimecoin Whitepaper and Roadmap to be Released

Chief Executive Officer of Dimecoin stated that the users can wait for the new whitepaper and roadmap to be released on February 12 of 2018
12 February 2018   724

Dimecoin is a coin which aims to be driven “By the Community, For the Community.” Dimecoin will be implemented in real-world use for fast micro-transactions with multi-layered encryption. Dimecoin uses Quark algorithm and is minable with ASIC.

On February 7 0f 2018, Ryan Downey, CEO of Dimecoin, has announced that the new whitepaper and roadmap are ready to be released, and the approximate time of the release is February 12.

Dimecoin whitepaper and Roadmap announcement
Dimecoin Whitepaper and Roadmap announcement on Telegram

Currently, Dimecoin is supported on Yobit, Cryptopia, CoinExchange.io, NovaExchange and Livecoin cryptocurrency exchanges.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Dimecoin:

Average price: $0,000057
Market cap: $30 847 277
24h volume: $74 946

Electroneum to update its blockchain

Electroneum announced that new code will be released on May 30 as its blockchain reaches Block 307500
26 April 2018   50

Electroneum announced its fork is scheduled to take place at block 307500 on May 30. The fork is special as it will not result in two currencies: this is achieved by allowing all the exchanges and pools to update their software in advance. The update covers the following aspects

  • anti-ASIC code:

the implementation of such code will ensure security against any network attack

  • increase of transfer fee:

to ensure Electroneum blockchain withstands blockchain flooding, base fee will be increased to 0.1 ETN

  • block size increase before penalty:

the increase will allow miners to scale the blocks faster and get more transactions into a block

  • disabling of RingCT and Mixin:

disabling some privacy features with letting wallets remain private will get a less wait to fit a transaction into a block and a leaner blockchain size

  • 3 days mempool life:

it will ensure a reduction of the possibility of the returned transactions

Readers will be able to find the rest of the remaining details of the update here. As for the market indicators for Electroneum, here is what they look like at the moment of publication:

  • Average price   $0.024453
  • Market cap         $166,770,279
  • Volume (24H)    $1,234,100