Django 1.11.4 available now

One of the most popular Python Framework was recently updated
01 August 2017   885

Great news for all Python coders and Django users. New 1.11.4 version available now.


  • Fixed a regression in 1.11.3 on Python 2 where non-ASCII format values for date/time widgets results in an empty value in the widget’s HTML ).
  • Fixed QuerySet.union() and difference() when combining with a queryset raising EmptyResultSet .
  • Fixed a regression in pickling of LazyObject on Python 2 when the wrapped object doesn’t have __reduce__() .
  • Fixed crash in runserver’s autoreload with Python 2 on Windows with non-str environment variables .
  • Corrected Field.has_changed() to return False for disabled form fields: BooleanFieldMultipleChoiceFieldMultiValueFieldFileFieldModelChoiceField, and ModelMultipleChoiceField.
  • Fixed QuerySet.count() for union()difference(), and intersection() queries.
  • Fixed ClearableFileInput rendering as a subwidget of MultiWidget. Custom clearable_file_input.html widget templates will need to adapt for the fact that context values checkbox_namecheckbox_idis_initialinput_text,initial_text, and clear_checkbox_label are now attributes of widget rather than appearing in the top-level context.
  • Fixed queryset crash when using a GenericRelation to a proxy model


Django 2.0 beta available now

Beta version of new major release of popular Python framework out now
17 October 2017   701

Great news for Python developers and Django fans. Beta version of Django 2.0 out now. 

What's new in Django 2.0 beta? 

  • Simplified URL routing syntax
    • The new django.urls.path() function allows a simpler, more readable URL routing syntax. For example, this example from previous Django releases:
      • url(r'^articles/(?P<year>[0-9]{4})/$', views.year_archive),
    • could be written as:
      • path('articles/<int:year>/', views.year_archive),
  • Mobile-friendly contrib.admin
    • The admin is now responsive and supports all major mobile devices. Older browser may experience varying levels of graceful degradation
  • Window expressions
    • The new Window expression allows adding an OVER clause to querysets. You can use window functions and aggregate functions in the expression.
  • Removed support for bytestrings in some places
    • To support native Python 2 strings, older Django versions had to accept both bytestrings and unicode strings. Now that Python 2 support is dropped, bytestrings should only be encountered around input/output boundaries (handling of binary fields or HTTP streams, for example). You might have to update your code to limit bytestring usage to a minimum, as Django no longer accepts bytestrings in certain code paths.

Python compatibility

Django 2.0 supports Python 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6. Developers highly recommend  and officially support the latest release of each series.

The Django 1.11.x series is the last to support Python 2.7.

Django 2.0 will be the last release series to support Python 3.4. If you plan a deployment of Python 3.4 beyond the end-of-life for Django 2.0 (April 2019), stick with Django 1.11 LTS (supported until April 2020) instead. Note, however, that the end-of-life for Python 3.4 is March 2019.

Learn more at official release notes

You can download Django 2.0 beta at official website