Django developer salary September 2017

United States Django developers labor market analysis according to the results of September, 2017
06 September 2017   1678

We publish the analysis of the labour market of developers in the United States monthly. For Django developers there were 100 vacancies. The vacancy rates were distributed as follows. 

Salary Estimate Django September 2017Django developer salary estimate

Most of the developers are required in New York, NY; the least in Chicago, IL.

Number of vacancies in different cities Django September 2017 Number of Django developer vacancies in different cities

Among the companies that hire Django developers the leaders are: 

  • Smith & Keller
  • Jobspring Partners 
  • Elevano

Number of vacancies in different companies Django September 2017Number of Django developer vacancies in different companies 

According to the experience required, the vacancies are distributed as follows. 

Number of vacancies by experience level Django September 2017Django developer vacancies by the experience level

The average salary and salary according to the level of experience were distributed as follows.

Average salary Django September 2017Django developer average salary

The analysis was carried out by the portal method using the data.

    Django 2.2 to be Available

    Good news - Django 2.2 is classified as a long-term issue and will receive updates until April 2022
    02 April 2019   599

    Django 2.2 web framework, written in Python and intended for developing web applications, is finally out. Django 2.2 is classified as a long-term issue and will receive updates until April 2022. LTS-branch 1.11 will be supported until April 2020, and branch 2.1 until December 2019. Support for branch 2.0 has been discontinued.

    Key improvements:

    • New CheckConstraint and UniqueConstraint classes have been added that allow the model to define its own database access restrictions using the Meta.constraints option;
    • In the runserver, the Watchman framework is used to increase the performance of tracking changes in a large number of files;
    • Added an HttpRequest.headers object for quick access to HTTP headers sent during a request (for example, request.headers ['User-Agent']).