Django received new update

New version of popular Python framework available now
01 July 2017   587

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One of the most popular Python framework received new version. Now Django has 1.11.2 version.

Bugfixes list

  • Added detection for GDAL 2.1 and 2.0, and removed detection for unsupported versions 1.7 and 1.8.
  • Changed contrib.gis to raise ImproperlyConfigured rather than GDALException if gdal isn’t installed, to allow third-party apps to catch that exception.
  • Fixed django.utils.http.is_safe_url() crash on invalid IPv6 URLs.
  • Fixed regression causing pickling of model fields to crash.
  • Fixed django.contrib.auth.authenticate() when multiple authentication backends don’t accept a positional request argument.
  • Fixed introspection of index field ordering on PostgreSQL.
  • Fixed a regression where Model._state.adding wasn’t set correctly on multi-table inheritance parent models after saving a child model.
  • Allowed DjangoJSONEncoder to serialize django.utils.deprecation.CallableBool.
  • Relaxed the validation added in Django 1.11 of the fields in the defaults argument of QuerySet.get_or_create()and update_or_create() to reallow settable model properties.
  • Fixed MultipleObjectMixin.paginate_queryset() crash on Python 2 if the InvalidPage message contains non-ASCII.
  • Prevented Subquery from adding an unnecessary CAST which resulted in invalid SQL.
  • Corrected detection of GDAL 2.1 on Windows.
  • Made date-based generic views return a 404 rather than crash when given an out of range date.
  • Fixed a regression where file_move_safe() crashed when moving files to a CIFS mount.
  • Moved the ImageField file extension validation added in Django 1.11 from the model field to the form field to reallow the use case of storing images without an extension.

Also, new minor feature - new LiveServerTestCase.port attribute reallows the use case of binding to a specific port following the bind to port zero change in Django 1.11. 

Django 2.0 beta available now

Beta version of new major release of popular Python framework out now
17 October 2017   689

Great news for Python developers and Django fans. Beta version of Django 2.0 out now. 

What's new in Django 2.0 beta? 

  • Simplified URL routing syntax
    • The new django.urls.path() function allows a simpler, more readable URL routing syntax. For example, this example from previous Django releases:
      • url(r'^articles/(?P<year>[0-9]{4})/$', views.year_archive),
    • could be written as:
      • path('articles/<int:year>/', views.year_archive),
  • Mobile-friendly contrib.admin
    • The admin is now responsive and supports all major mobile devices. Older browser may experience varying levels of graceful degradation
  • Window expressions
    • The new Window expression allows adding an OVER clause to querysets. You can use window functions and aggregate functions in the expression.
  • Removed support for bytestrings in some places
    • To support native Python 2 strings, older Django versions had to accept both bytestrings and unicode strings. Now that Python 2 support is dropped, bytestrings should only be encountered around input/output boundaries (handling of binary fields or HTTP streams, for example). You might have to update your code to limit bytestring usage to a minimum, as Django no longer accepts bytestrings in certain code paths.

Python compatibility

Django 2.0 supports Python 3.4, 3.5, and 3.6. Developers highly recommend  and officially support the latest release of each series.

The Django 1.11.x series is the last to support Python 2.7.

Django 2.0 will be the last release series to support Python 3.4. If you plan a deployment of Python 3.4 beyond the end-of-life for Django 2.0 (April 2019), stick with Django 1.11 LTS (supported until April 2020) instead. Note, however, that the end-of-life for Python 3.4 is March 2019.

Learn more at official release notes

You can download Django 2.0 beta at official website