DMM Launches Minning Farm and Showroom

Entertainment giant from Japan DMM has launched its “large-scale Japan-quality” mining farm, with a plan to open showroom in March
12 February 2018   1304

DMM is also launching a showroom, allowing the public to tour its mining farm, as well as a mining pool. This is reported by Coindesk.

The first DMM mining enterprise, on which both ASIC and GPU are installed, is located in the Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan, famous for its cold climate. The farm will mine several crypto-currencies, including bitcoin, ether and lightcoin. There is also a showroom where visitors can watch the work of 1000 mining rigs.

DMM Mining Farm
DMM Mining Farm

DMM operates large-scale ‘Japan-quality’ mining farms that are unparalleled in scale compared to other domestic operators…By establishing a mining farm in the cold district, we realize low price electricity procurement and maximize mining revenue.

DMM Team

The showroom will be opened for the public in March.

By starting domestically, DMM’s engineering team is directly involved in the operation to secure quality and win the trust of domestic users.

Fuji Television Network

Additionally, DMM has also recently launched its own cryptocurrency exchange, supporting 7 different cryptocurrencies and 14 trading pairs. 

Bitmain to Announce New ASIC Chip

BM1397 chip requires less energy and is able to achieve efficiency at 30J / TH
18 February 2019   66

This Monday, the Chinese mining company Bitmain announced the next-generation 7-nm chip codenamed BM1397, which, according to it surpasses its predecessors in performance and energy efficiency and is suitable for mining cryptocurrencies on the SHA256 algorithm, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The BM1397 chip requires less energy and is able to achieve efficiency at 30J / TH, which is “higher by 28.6% than the previous 7-nm chip from Bitmain”, codenamed BM1391.

BM1397 is manufactured using TSMC, a Taiwan-based semiconductor product company, which is one of the leading suppliers in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

The BM1397 chip will be installed in the new ASIC miners of the Antminer S17 and Antminer T17 models, the release of which Bitmain promises to announce later. The company does not provide other details of the updated devices in its message.