Don't Promote Gambling DApps in Japan, - TRON

It also "suggests developers who are working on gamling apps block users with Japanese IP addresses" due to local laws
01 April 2019   335

The TRON Foundation on Sunday published a notice for developers, in which it recommended that they not promote certain types of decentralized applications in the Japanese market.

TRON hereby declares that:

  1. TRON strictly conforms with relevant laws and regulations in Japan;
  2. TRON does not encourage or recommend any gambling DApps regarding the Japanese market;
  3. TRON suggests Japanese DApp developers not develop any gambling DApps on TRON’s platform;
  4. TRON suggests developers who are working on gamling apps block users with Japanese IP addresses. Please do not facilitate the use of gambling apps among Japanese users;
  5. TRON will collaborate with Japanese government and provide necessary support if any TRON DApps violate Japanese laws and regulations.

TRON Foundation

How exactly will the violators be prosecuted, the TRON Foundation does not specify.

In Japan, gambling is prohibited by the criminal code, with the exception of betting on the results of horse racing and motor racing competitions, as well as state lotteries.

TRON to Unveil Mainnet Update Details

Odyssey 3.6 update is designed to protect users against fraud, as well as to expand opportunities for dApps developers
20 June 2019   284

The main network TRON will be updated to the new version 3.6. About this in his Twitter said the founder of the TRON Foundation Justin Sun.

The upgrade, called Odyssey 3.6, will contain a number of updates aimed at protecting against fraud, as well as expanding opportunities for dApps developers. Among them:

  • New instructions are added for the TVM, including create2, bitwise shifting, and extcodehash, supporting more new features;
  • Allow contract deployer to clear his contract’s existed ABI, further improving the privacy of the contract;
  • Implement a more lightweight built-in event server, providing convenience for DApp developers to customize their own event service when they choose to switch on this feature.
  • Enhance protocol data check to prevent malicious data on the chain;
  • Add transaction permission settings for users, compatible with multi-signature;
  • Optimize the P2P network and the block/transaction broadcasting process for gRPC/HTTP interface, further improving the stability of the TRON network.

Developers can use the TRON Protocol and the TVM to develop applications both for themselves and the community. We would like to thank all for your continuous support for TRON, and give a big thanks to our developers for their hard work around the clock, which allows TRON’s ecosystem to continue to grow with rapid development. Let’s look forward to Odyssey-V3.6 presented to you by the world’s largest blockchain decentralized application operating system!

TRON Foundation

Tron recently launched the SUN Network test network. The update includes several solutions aimed at scaling the network, including DAppChain.