DPRK hackers are suspected of theft $7M from Bithumb

North Korean hackers may have targeted crypto-currencies in order to evade the financial sanctions
19 December 2017   633

The South Korean Spy Agency suspects North Korean hackers in an attack on the country's largest crypto exchange Bithumb, and stole 7.6 billion won ($ 6.9 million). This is reported by the BBC.

The Spy Agency passed on to the prosecutor's office information about the February attack on personal computers of employees of Bithumb, which resulted in the theft of funds and personal data of 30,000 users.

The source also reports that hackers extorted 6 billion won ($ 5.5 million) in exchange for the destruction of stolen data.

National intelligence suspects that North Korean hackers are also behind the attack on the Coinis exchange. Representatives of the department believe that Pyongyang initiated a coordinated campaign aimed at mastering crypto-active assets with the aim of mitigating the consequences of international sanctions. 

Bithumb to Launch Payment Service is Qoo10

Qoo10, also known as the “Asian Amazon”, is a giant of online commerce operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia
08 November 2018   251

Bithumb reported that it had entered into an agreement with Qoo10 to create a service for paying for goods and services using cryptocurrencies. This is reported by Cointelegraph.

Qoo10, also known as the “Asian Amazon”, is a giant of online commerce operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. The press release also says that within the framework of cooperation, the Bithumb payment service will be expanded for use around the world.

The partnership with Qoo10 has made it possible for us to utilize the Bithumb cache beyond our home country and abroad for real life. We will continue to improve our services to improve customer convenience.


The companies signed a corresponding agreement back in August, after which they started working on settlement services as part of the Qoo10 service and the Bithumb Cache system. The Bithumb settlement service was introduced in the spring and allows exchange customers to exchange crypto assets and use them for payments.

Thanks to a new partnership, consumers will be able to buy Qoo10 products using the Bithumb Cache service.