DPRK hackers are suspected of theft $7M from Bithumb

North Korean hackers may have targeted crypto-currencies in order to evade the financial sanctions
19 December 2017   828

The South Korean Spy Agency suspects North Korean hackers in an attack on the country's largest crypto exchange Bithumb, and stole 7.6 billion won ($ 6.9 million). This is reported by the BBC.

The Spy Agency passed on to the prosecutor's office information about the February attack on personal computers of employees of Bithumb, which resulted in the theft of funds and personal data of 30,000 users.

The source also reports that hackers extorted 6 billion won ($ 5.5 million) in exchange for the destruction of stolen data.

National intelligence suspects that North Korean hackers are also behind the attack on the Coinis exchange. Representatives of the department believe that Pyongyang initiated a coordinated campaign aimed at mastering crypto-active assets with the aim of mitigating the consequences of international sanctions. 

Bithumb Operator to Gain $200M

Will these giant investments help exchange to end 2019 with profit? Time will show
15 April 2019   270

The parent company of the South Korean exchange cryptocurrency Bithumb received $ 200 million of funding from the Japanese blockchain fund called ST, Cointelegraph reported.

Funding was provided as part of the investment round of the A series and will allow the Blockchain Exchange Alliance (BXA) to continue the international expansion of the Bithumb business. The company also promises to implement the support of new trading pairs.

The fund shared our vision of creating a global digital exchange platform that can efficiently transfer value across borders with lower costs, which was the key rationale behind this investment decision.


At the end of March, Bithumb suffered another hacker attack and lost about $ 13 million in cryptocurrency. Recently, the company reported on its performance for 2018 - its losses amounted to about $ 180 million.

ST Fund is registered in Japan and manages the capital of investors from around the world, including Europe and the USA.