EA to Announce Project Atlas

Project Atlas is a cloud-based platform for game creation, which supports AI and Frostbite engine
01 November 2018   507

Ken Moss, technical director of Electronic Arts (EA), announced that the company is actively working on Project Atlas, a cloud platform for developing video games. The environment will provide an opportunity to work with artificial intelligence, use the technical power of EA servers, along with the forces of the developer’s own machine, as well as lead development on the Frostbite game engine.

As noted by Ken Moss, the main role of the platform is to simplify the creation of video games, while not limited to the resource of only your own machine. Project Atlas will combine the development tools of the technical and social aspects of the game in a single product. For example, the environment will allow rendering of graphic and physical components not only on the developer’s PC, but also on the EA servers.

In addition, work in the cloud will allow several developers to work on the same element at the same time. All edits will be displayed in real time. The platform will give the developer the opportunity to integrate matchmaking systems, trading platforms, achievements and other social components into his project.

This suggests that cloud technologies will allow to avoid restrictions on the technical capabilities of the platforms, as well as become the basis for interaction between users and all technical processes.

The use of neural networks greatly simplifies the process of creating video games. Artificial intelligence is involved in video game music, adjusting the behavior of non-player characters (NPC), creating interesting storylines and a rich in-game world.

Project Atlas will allow the use of neural networks to automate and simplify the implementation of certain actions in the development process. Artificial intelligence is able to create objects of the in-game world much faster than the developer manually.

As an example of the use of AI in games, American football simulator Madden NFL can be taken. According to Ken Moss, the virtual commentator accurately determines and explains the player’s actions.

Unity is also committed to making life easier for game developers. In October 2018, the company introduced the FPS Sample project, on the basis of which you can build your own shooter.

Tiobe February 2019 Index Released

Groove language is in top 20 again; it's popularity increased due to Gradle; Java is 1st
11 February 2019   335

In February, search engine statistics showed that the dynamically typed Groovy language is gaining popularity again. As analysts of TIOBE noted, it was already in the top twenty of the TIOBE index in 2016 on the wave of interest in the Jenkins system for continuous integration. Now it is pushed forward by the Gradle assembly automation system.

TIOBE Februry 2019 Index
TIOBE Februry 2019 Index

More analysts noticed that the language Hack this month entered the top 50, and TypeScript left it (in their opinion, temporarily). Since February last year, Python and C ++ swapped places, and again topped the list with Java and C.