Electroneum to Unveil Mining Smartphone

Device itself costs $60-$80 (depends on region) and developers estimates profit as $3 per month
27 February 2019   481

The British cryptocurrency startup Electroneum introduced the Android smartphone M1 for mining ETN tokens. The price of the gadget will be $ 80.

M1 is a Google certified smartphone with integrated cloud mining technology. It supports 4G mobile standard and two SIM slots. The memory of the device is up to 32 GB, the camera is 5 megapixels, and the processor is Quad Core 1.3 Ghz.

Initially, the smartphone will be sold in South Africa, and the price in some regions may fall to $ 60, since the startup focuses on developing countries.

In this case, the estimated income will be up to $ 3 per month.

After conducting an ICO for $ 40 million, Electroneum fell victim to a massive DDoS attack. Then the accounts of 140,000 ICO participants were blocked due to the huge flow of malicious traffic from the botnet.

Firefox to Implement Hidden Miner Protection

This is just one of new features of web browser; for example, it now blocks tracking of user devices by digital fingerprints
22 May 2019   75

The new release of the Firefox web browser adds support for additional measures that focus on privacy and user security.

With the introduction of the new Firefox Quantum browser in 2017 we changed the look, feel, and performance of our core product. Since then we have launched new products to complement your experience when you’re using Firefox and serve you beyond the browser. This includes Facebook Container, Firefox Monitor and Firefox Send. Collectively, they work to protect your privacy and keep you safe so you can do the things you love online with ease and peace of mind.

Opera Team

In particular, the browser now blocks tracking of user devices by digital fingerprints  by website owners, as well as scripts for hidden mining of cryptocurrencies.

For the first time, intentions to introduce additional measures of protection were announced in August 2018 by Mozilla Foundation. Last month, the update successfully passed the testing phase.

Opera 60 or Reborn 3 desktop browser was previously released with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and native Web 3 blockchain based internet support. In the future, Opera plans to support not only ERC-20 tokens, but also coins created on TRON blockchain.