Electroneum to Unveil Mining Smartphone

Device itself costs $60-$80 (depends on region) and developers estimates profit as $3 per month
27 February 2019   750

The British cryptocurrency startup Electroneum introduced the Android smartphone M1 for mining ETN tokens. The price of the gadget will be $ 80.

M1 is a Google certified smartphone with integrated cloud mining technology. It supports 4G mobile standard and two SIM slots. The memory of the device is up to 32 GB, the camera is 5 megapixels, and the processor is Quad Core 1.3 Ghz.

Initially, the smartphone will be sold in South Africa, and the price in some regions may fall to $ 60, since the startup focuses on developing countries.

In this case, the estimated income will be up to $ 3 per month.

After conducting an ICO for $ 40 million, Electroneum fell victim to a massive DDoS attack. Then the accounts of 140,000 ICO participants were blocked due to the huge flow of malicious traffic from the botnet.

$10M Worth Mining Farm to Burn

A video of a fire was published at Twitter, but the company that appear to struggle with a fire hadn't confirmed the news
01 October 2019   133

Equipment at $ 10 million burned out at a large mining farm in China. The total processing power of the bitcoin network fell by 5% - to 82.45 EH / s.

According to preliminary information, the property is owned by Innosilicon.

Some users doubted the veracity of the information, suggesting that the 2014 fire was captured on the video. Their doubts were dispelled by one of the first bitcoin miners Marshal Long.

Innosilicon has not yet confirmed the news.