Elixir with Rust

A report by Sonny Scroggin, Phoenix Core Team member, where he talks about Native Implemented Functions (NIFs) - Erlang’s Foreign Function Interface (FFI)
17 August 2017   2740

Elixir is great and modern programming language. But, according to the  Sonny Scroggin, Phoenix Core Team member, Elixir is not a super fast. And even the "raw" CPU doesn't really matter for the majoraty of applications, but there are still couple of reasons that can make you to get the tools that give you access to native power.

In this talk Sonny discusses Native Implemented Functions (NIFs) - Erlang’s Foreign Function Interface (FFI).

NIFs are normally implemented in C and are considered dangerous. But Sonny explores writing safer NIFs in Rust - a new systems programming language developed by Mozilla, that focuses on memory safety. He also touches on the pitfalls with writing NIFs and how Rust can make this process easier and safer.

Elixir v1.7.0-rc.0 Released

Development team ask community to try out new release 
17 July 2018   793

Elixir team rolled out zero release candidate for version 1.7.0.

Hi everyone,

We have just released v1.7.0-rc.0.

Please give it a try! You can either compile the v1.7 branch from source OR use the precompiled files, as described in our install page 11.

Note that you will need {:ex_doc, "~> 0.19-rc"}if you want to generate docs using the release candidate.

Happy coding!


Creator, Elixir

Currently Elixir supports two metadata keys: :deprecated and :since. Other keys will be added in the future. 

To access the new documentation, developers should use Code.fetch_docs/1. The old documentation format is no longer available and the old Code.get_docs/1 function will return nil accordingly.

Tools like IEx and ExDoc have been updated to leverage the new format and show relevant metadata to users

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