Emerald 1.0 Ethereum Classic Wallet Released

Version 1.0 of this ETC wallet contains a lot of cool new features
26 June 2018   1898

The Ethereum Classic team presented the first full version of the Emerald (v 1.0) wallet.

From the previous alpha and beta versions, the new release features a number of new features. This includes, in particular, the transaction history, the calculation of the balance in the account in the currency, the notification of updates and the dialog box in the presence of network errors.

Emerald Wallet
Emerald Wallet

The launch of the mobile version of Emerald Wallet is scheduled for 2018. Check GitHub for more info.

ETC Team to Report on EAgharta Scam

The "project" appeared the day after the Agharta hardfork, so devs believe it may be from the people that were doing similar after Atlantis
14 January 2020   163

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) development team warns traders of a fraudulent EAgharta project trading non-existent Agharta coins on behalf of ETC. It appeared the day after the Agharta hard fork on the Ethereum Classic blockchain.

On January 12, Agharta hard fork was successfully activated on block 9 573 000 in order to improve the compatibility of the ETC network with Ethereum. In all likelihood, scammers decided to take advantage of this event and began to trade Agharta coins, hoping to confuse traders.

Representatives of the fraudulent EAgharta project posted a tweet on behalf of Ethereum Classic with a link to their website, where users are asked to enter and save a password to create a new wallet. As stated on a fake site, otherwise users cannot access the account, restore keys, reset passwords or cancel transactions.