EOS to be Officially Live Now

EOS raised more than $4 billion during an almost year-long initial coin offering
15 June 2018   349

EOS blockchain is officially live now.

César Rodríguez Twitter
César Rodríguez Twitter

The threshold required for appointing operators which will maintain the functionality of the blockchain was 150 million votes in the evening on Thursday, which allowed to complete the week-long process of launching the network of the fifth largest crypto.

Thus, the software for which Block.one raised more than $ 4 billion via ICO, which lasted almost a year, was presented to users. 

This happened after a week of evaluation and testing of the network by candidates for the role of block producers from all parts of the world. Although several critical vulnerabilities were identified during this phase, due to which the launch date was postponed, on June 9, the candidates gave green light.

According to the project plan, two thirds plus one candidate had to vote for the launch of the network in order to initiate a further process, during which additional validation was carried out, block producers were appointed and holders of 15% EOS tokens were approved.

As soon as these 15% were collected, 21 block producers were approved and the chain was launched. The process took more time than many expected, which is explained, among other things, by security considerations.

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Poloniex to List EOS

Trading pairs EOS / BTC, EOS / USDT and EOS / ETH will be added on August 1
01 August 2018   150

The Poloniex exchange listed EOS cryptocurreny.

Since acquiring Poloniex five months ago, we’ve primarily focused on improving the core product experience and stabilizing the performance of the exchange. We improved deposit and withdrawal reliability, updated our customer onboarding process and cleared over 175,000 legacy support tickets. We are now also investing in new ways to grow Poloniex into a premiere destination for crypto asset trading — the addition of EOS is just the first step. [...] At this time, we are only planning to support EOS mainnet tokens and will not be accepting deposits of the ERC-20 variant or providing conversion to mainnet tokens. In addition, we will not be supporting EOS airdrops for the time being.

Poloniex Team

Users already can input / output coins. Trading pairs EOS / BTC, EOS / USDT and EOS / ETH will be added on August 1.

Earlier, EOS took the first line in the third rating of the Crypto-Currency of the Center for the Development of the Information Technology Industry of China (CCID).