EOS to Become Transaction Volume Leader

EOS transaction volume to exceed Bitcoin's, Ethereum's and even Tron's
15 January 2019   395

According to the Coinmetrics analytical resource, EOS has become the absolute leader in terms of transaction volume.

Tron blockchain activity is approx twice lower than EOS. The volume of Ethereum transactions is about 11 times smaller than that of EOS. Also note that XRP is slightly higher than bitcoin in this parameter.

CoinDesk analyst Peter Ryan emphasizes that transactional activity in smart contract platforms is usually much higher than that of cryptocurrencies, which mainly function as a means of preserving value.

Galaxy Digital to Sell Its Block.one Share

The $71.2M worth transaction was successfully completed on May 20;since the moment the bank bought the stake, its value has increased more than twice
22 May 2019   67

The cryptocurrency trading bank Galaxy Digital sold $71.2M worth shares of the Block.one startup, which stands behind EOS creating. Thus, according to a press release, since the moment the bank bought the stake, its value has increased by 123%.

The acceptance of Block.one's tender offer reflected a decision to rebalance the portfolio to maintain an appropriate level of diversification after the position increased due to its substantial outperformance relative to the remainder of the portfolio. We continue to work closely with Block.one as a key partner across a number of our business lines, including the Galaxy EOS VC Fund, which invests in companies building on the EOS.IO protocol, and remain excited about the EOS.IO protocol.

Michael Novogratz 

CEO/Founder, Galaxy Digital

The transaction was successfully completed on May 20. At the moment, the remaining share in the control of Galaxy Digital in a startup can no longer be considered a significant investment [below $ 100 million].

The bank and Block.one will continue to cooperate within the framework of the Galaxy EOS VC Fund venture fund for $ 325 million, which invests in projects that create products based on the EOSIO protocol.

Trading of Galaxy Digital LP shares on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange started on August 1, 2018. Mike Novogratz’s share in the cryptobank is 79.3%.

Earlier, the media reported that the bank intends to raise up to $ 250 million in lending to cryptocurrency companies in dire straits.