EOS burst in top 10

New cryptocurrency reached 9th spot of Coinmarketcap ranking with over 280% growth
03 July 2017   2416

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Interesting and innovate cryptocurrency EOS is now at the 9th place of Coinmarketcap ranking.

Coinmarketcap ranking
Coinmarketcap ranking

As you can see from the table, market capitalization of EOS reached $646552000. Over the past 24 hours, EOS has grown by more than 280%. 

EOS Markets
EOS Markets

As you can see on the screenshot, 81.67% of EOS' volume was sold on the Yunbi - Chinese exchange, where EOS is traded in the tandem with yuan.

Additionally, EOS is being sold at the Kraken and BTER exchanges actively. 

As we mentioned yesterday, EOS gained 1 700 000$ in first five days of ICO. This is new industry's record. 

Brazilian Central Bank to Issue Stablecoin

According to participants of the project, the issue of the BNDES coin will help restore public confidence in Brazilian state banks
17 December 2018   68

The state-owned Brazilian National Social Development Bank intends to issue a cryptocurrency token tied to the Brazilian real. It is reported by CoinDesk.

The pilot project for the production of a token BNDES based on Ethereum will start in January next year. At first, the coin will be used to finance cultural institutions. In particular, the bank will allocate a certain number of new tokens to the local cinema agency.

As the newspaper notes, the bank conducted experiments with steyblecoin throughout 2018. The consultant of the project for the release of a new “stable coin” will be the well-known Ethereum start-up ConsenSys.

According to representatives of the bank, the issue of the BNDES coin will help restore public confidence in Brazilian state banks, which are often criticized due to corruption scandals.

Also, the bank is confident that in the future, stablecoin can be used to finance organizations and projects from various fields.

Note that recently in Brazil there has been a trend towards liberalization of the regulation of cryptoindustry. For example, in October, the Brazilian Securities Commission allowed local investment companies to invest in a cryptocurrency ecosystem through the acquisition of derivatives and shares in foreign funds. It is noteworthy that at the beginning of the year the same financial regulator announced the prohibition of both direct investment in cryptocurrency and indirect investment through intermediaries in the person of foreign companies.