EOS CTO Proposes to Rewrite Project's Constitution

Dan Larimer believes that current constitution vests too much power at the hands of arbitrators
28 June 2018   614

Just a few weeks after the launch of EOS, the chief technical officer of the project, Dan Larimer, suggested changing the project's constitution, Bitcoinist reports.


As you can see on the screenshot above, the conversation took part in Telegram channel 'EOSGov'.

According to observers, the current EOS Constitution gives arbitrators too much authority. At the moment, all smart contracts on the network must be documented with the help of Ricardian Contract, indicating the intentions of all parties and an arbitration forum that will resolve disputes.

Arbitrators are able to resolve disputes directly, and the scope of their powers is not defined. Larimer proposes to limit their powers by addressing issues related to differences between the Code and intentions, as well as the handling of vulnerabilities and hacking of code.

At the same time, if Larimer decides to rewrite the supreme law on his own, he will have to follow the procedures set out in the Constitution. Otherwise, this would confirm the centralization of the project.

There is no clause in the Constitution that would describe such a situation. Closest to it comes Article XIII:

This Constitution and its subordinate documents shall not be amended except by a vote of the Token Holders with no less than 15% vote participation among tokens and no fewer than 10% more Yes than No votes, sustained for 30 continuous days within a 120 day period.

Eos Constitution

In other words, if his proposal is put forward right now, the Constitution can be replaced after 120 days.

This can be more difficult than it seems at first glance. Earlier, EOS took two weeks to vote for the manufacturers of blocks.

Top Managers to Leave to Block.one

Six managers are going to launch own blockhain project StongBlock
26 September 2018   1571

Six people left the top management of the crypto start-up Block.one. As CoinDesk writes, top managers have teamed up to create their own blockchain project StrongBlock.

Senior Vice President of Technology Operations David Moss, vice president of product Thomas Cox, vice president of infrastructure Brian Abramson and senior technology director Cory Lederer joined Block.one in 2017. During this period, the company through raised $ 4 billion thru ICO to create a decentralized environment for running EOS applications.

Now, together with freelance developers John Eric-Cook and Michael Mason, they will work on the development of a blockchain marketplace, which they could not realize in Block.one.

In August, David Moss, CEO of StrongBlock, compared the EOS blockchain with
by plane Boeing 787, and StrongBlock called "a factory of 787-x, manufactured on an individual order."

Currently, StrongBlock works in secret mode. The date of release of the new product is not reported.

In July, Block.one, which controls 10% of the total emission of EOS tokens, announced participation in the voting for block producers.