EOS going upwards

EOS token based on Ethereum platform showed a significant price rise within past week
21 November 2017   1263

EOS is the token of EOS.IO software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, which provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and clusters.

EOS showed a fast price increase within past week rising from the price of $1,10 with market capitalisation of $13 million on November 13 to the price of $2,10 with market capitalisation of $2 billion on November 21.

November 21 is marked by the first time when EOS' market capitalisation hit the point of $1 billion.

EOS token Charts november 2017EOS Charts

What is more, currently EOS takes the 1st place in the full list of tokens ranked by market capitalisation volume, overtaking positions of OmiseGo token, which remained at the 1st place for quite a long period of time.

List of tokens ranked by market capitalisationList of tokens ranked by market capitalisation

Such a significant price increase may be linked to the announcement of Huobi.Pro exchange which stated that it is going to launch EOS on its platform. The announcement was made on November 18 and EOS/BTC and EOS/ETH trading also started at 14:00 on November 18, 2017. Previously, Huobi.Pro announced launch of OmiseGo token on its platform.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of EOS token:

  • Average price: $1.94
  • Marketcap: $950,509,541
  • 24h volume: $58,743,600

User to be Able to Win DEOSBet's Jackpot for 24 Times

Looks like user is a super lucky gambler or a hacker
10 September 2018   269

Decentralized application on EOS DEOSBet blockchain lost a significant part of its operating assets, after one "lucky" player won $ 24,000, TheNextWeb reports.

In less than an hour, the gambling application DEOSBet paid a jackpot to one user for 24 times. The owner of the account under the name "runningsnail" contributed 339 EOS ($ 1,695) and, after exploiting the vulnerability, will be able to leave with 4 700 EOS (about $ 24,000).

We are back up and running with EOS game for last 6+ hours. Yesterday, we got a malicious contract exploit our contract. it is a good stress test and we got significant improvements on contract level. Keep doing what we do, remember we are still in beta!

DEOSGames on Twitter

A lucky account was created just one day before the operation. Data from the EOS blockchain show that the runningsnail account has repeatedly enrolled a jackpot of 197 EOS size (about $ 1,000).

Winnings, apparently, were automatic. Each time the player transferred 10 EOS, the jackpot was paid to him on average in 30 seconds.

While the user holds most of the winnings at his account, but a small amount he already used in other similar applications, perhaps in search of another easy goal.