EOS May Raise Over $4B

EOS can become the longest and the biggest ICO in history
30 May 2018   1334

During the tokensale, EOS can attract $ 4.2 billion, thereby becoming the largest campaign by the amount of funds raised, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Tokensale is held at the Block. one site, where 2 million EOS tokens are auctioned every 23 hours. To date, approximately 900 million tokens have been sold.

EOS launched a token on June 26, 2017 and will complete it on June 1, 2018. This crowdsale has become the longest in history.

The launch of the main EOS network is scheduled for June 2. 

CCID to Issue New DLT Assessment Index

EOS, TRON and Ethereum took first three places among 35 assessmented projects
28 October 2019   233

The Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has published the fourteenth version of its cryptocurrency rating, including 35 projects.

CCID's Global Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (XIV)
CCID's Global Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (XIV)

EOS has traditionally been the undisputed leader among Chinese experts and ranks first with 151.8 points scored across a combination of categories such as manufacturability, practical value and innovativeness.

TRON, which debuted in second place in the CCID ranking in February and subsequently succumbed to Ethereum, is second again. Ethereum has lost 13 points since the previous rating was compiled, primarily due to a decrease in the rating for manufacturability.

Bitcoin rating compared to the previous rating increased slightly. It is still on the 11th line.