EOS to Release EOSIO V1.1.0

The new release is designed to lay the future scaling foundation of the blockchain platform infrastructure development
20 July 2018   689

The developers of the EOS announced the release of the new EOSIO V1.1.0 protocol software.

The new release is designed to lay the future scaling foundation of the blockchain platform infrastructure development.

This release targets usability of the software for developers, laying a foundation for more scalable application development and support for an infrastructure team building on the EOSIO blockchain.

EOS Team

In particular, the release includes an optional MongoDB plug-in for EOSIO nodes, which makes it possible to archive blockchain data into the MongoDB database and perform highly scalable and convenient queries of this data.

Two other important updates include overload protection and the ability to quickly restore databases, as well as accelerated synchronization by avoiding attempts to transfer transactions from synchronized nodes.

Detailed documentation of the new release is available on GitHub.

Microsoft to Develop Golua

Golua is Lua 5.3 engine, implemented in Go programming language
19 November 2018   53

Microsoft has released to the public golua engine designed to execute scripts in the Lua language. The development is distributed under the open MIT license and is available in the GitHub repository. The project is implemented in the language of Go.

There are already several implementations of Lua VM in Go, for example, DCLua, GoLua or glua. However, the developers state that they needed support for the syntax of version 5.3, and none of the existing tools could offer this either now or in the near future. In addition, simple and clear software interfaces were required to integrate the engine with Go.

The new development is based on the architecture, focused on convenient debugging, search and error handling. Although the creators of golua recognize that they have not yet managed to achieve full compliance with specification 5.3, they intend to further develop the project.

Lua is an open source scripting programming language interpreter. It is distinguished by simple integration into other languages ​​and the possibility of implementing a large number of software entities with a minimum of syntax tools.

The official Lua interpreter is written in C. Go was developed by Google as a replacement for C and C ++ and has the potential to provide greater speed. The company maintains and regularly updates its development; at the end of the summer of 2018, Go 1.11 was released.