EOS to swap and launch mainnet

EOS is separating from its identity as an ERC20 token on Ethereum on June 1 and launches its mainnet on June 2
30 May 2018   668

If you are still storing EOS on the Ethereum blockchain, now is the time to move the funds. EOS Token will undergo a swap for its own native token on June 1. There is a section at EOSIO website for a new token distribution and a registration of Ethereum addresses so that associated balances are correctly identified after the release of EOSIO v1.0. EOS Tokens are not being offered to US and Chinese citizens.

The swap is officially backed by Binance, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Zebpay, Kraken and Kucoin. The exchanges will handle all the technical requirements involved. EOSIO is going live on June 2. Block.one is neither launching nor operating the public blockchain itself - it provides the tools for the community to build up from the EOS platform. Because the EOS blockchain is a distributed consensus mechanism, only the community can launch it.

Market-wise, the characteristics for EOS at the moment of publication are as follows:

Average price 12.35 USD
Market cap 10,983,246,432 USD
Volume (24H) 1,620,470,000 USD

EOS to Become Transaction Volume Leader

EOS transaction volume to exceed Bitcoin's, Ethereum's and even Tron's
15 January 2019   114

According to the Coinmetrics analytical resource, EOS has become the absolute leader in terms of transaction volume.

Tron blockchain activity is approx twice lower than EOS. The volume of Ethereum transactions is about 11 times smaller than that of EOS. Also note that XRP is slightly higher than bitcoin in this parameter.

CoinDesk analyst Peter Ryan emphasizes that transactional activity in smart contract platforms is usually much higher than that of cryptocurrencies, which mainly function as a means of preserving value.