Erlang/OTP 20.1 available now

New version of Erlang Open Telecom Platform framework released
27 September 2017   1422

New update for telecom related Erlang framework available now.

What's new?

This updates contains bug fixes and small improvements in general. Let's check the most interesting updates.

  • diameter:

    • Add service option decode_format to allow incoming messages to be decoded into maps
      instead of records.
    • Decode performance has been improved.
    • Add service/transport option avp_dictionaries to give better support for dictionaries only defining AVPs.
  • erts: Upgraded the ERTS internal PCRE library from version 8.40 to version 8.41.

  • erts, kernel, tools: Profiling with lock counting can now be fully toggled at runtime in
    the lock counting emulator (-emu_type lcnt). Everything
    is enabled by default to match the old behavior, but
    specific categories can be toggled at will with minimal
    runtime overhead when disabled
    lcnt:collect and lcnt:clear will no longer block all
    other threads in the runtime system. This makes it possible to run the lock counting
    under heavier load.

  • erts: The zlib module has been refactored and all its operations will now yield appropriately,
    allowing them to be used freely in concurrent applications.

What is Erlang\OTP?

Open Telecom Platform(aka OTP, Erlang / OTP) is a software framework that contains a set of libraries and design patterns for building scalable distributed applications in the Erlang programming language.

The framework was created by Ericsson as a part of the of AXD series ATM-routers projects and released in 1996, embodying many years of experience in creating fault-tolerant systems.

High reliability of applications is possible due to a simple, but powerful mechanism for handling exceptions, on the basis of which general libraries were built. Using libraries of the OTP framework, the Erlang developer programs the required behavior, and libraries deal with the handling of exceptions. This approach makes the code shorter and usually introduces fewer errors.

Learn more about this release at official website.

Elixir Club 11 in Ternopil

Elixir developers' event will take place on June 23, 2018, in Ternopil, Ukraine
28 May 2018   2003

Elixir community, let’s gather in Ternopil!

We are pleased to invite you on Elixir Club 11 in Ternopil, June 23!

If you are passionate about Elixir programming and interested in technology, then come on Elixir Club 11. You will meet the same people as you are, get live communication and some new knowledge, find answers on your questions.


Stefan Wintermeyer

Topic: "WebPerformance - Why and How?"

Stefan Wintermeyer,
Stefan Wintermeyer

A dive into the topic of fast webpages. Why does a specific webpage load fast or not? Why is it important? What's the difference between a mobile user on a 3G network and one on a fiber connection? What can be done on the server? Is JavaScript the solution or the reason for this problem?

Stefan Wintermeyer

Phoenix Framework developer

Eugene Pirogov

Topic: "ElixirConf Eu 2018, what was it like?"

Eugene Pirogov
Eugene Pirogov

Elixir programming language is raving around the world. Every year tens of community events are being organized to promote and share experience related to this beautiful programming language.

Eugene Pirogov
Senior Back-end developer

In April Eugene Pirogov visited one such event – "ElixirConf Eu 2018", a conference held in Warsaw, Poland. He is going to go through the presentations he attended, topics elixir community is exploring these days and finally talk about some exciting upcoming features in Elixir and Phoenix web framework.

Viktor Deryagin

Topic: "Implementing GraphQL API in Elixir"

Viktor Deryagin
Viktor Deryagin

GraphQL is an increasingly popular way of building web APIs, and Absinthe library makes Elixir a really convenient choice for doing it. This talk is about our team's experience of implementing GraphQL API powering popular marketplace for educators Teachers Pay Teachers. I'll tell about challenges we faced in evolving the API over time, monitoring, and leveraging features of OTP to address performance & scaling issues.

Viktor Deryagin

Yurii Bodarev

Topic: "GenServer in action"

Yurii Bodarev
Yurii Bodarev

Others will be added soon.

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