ETH Framework Pantheon to Join Hyperledger as Besu

Consoritum stated that the new product will be the first in the line of proposals that will allow you to create applications on the public blockchain
30 August 2019   1252

The blockchain consortium Hyperledger added support for the Pantheon Ethereum Java-based client, developed by the technical division of the ConsenSys startup. The initiative was called Hyperledger Besu.

So, the new product will be the first in the line of proposals of the consortium, allowing you to create applications on the public blockchain. Hyperledger Besu should become the link between the corporate sector and the open blockchain with the implementation of some of the benefits of private distributed networks.

The developers intend to combine the framework with the modular client Hyperledger Burrow, which contains a mechanism for limited access to read smart contracts, partially built on the basis of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) specifications.

At the same time, the Pantheon team also plans to ensure the interoperability of the client with the Tendermint protocol. To do this, they are likely to use the product Hyperledger Quilt.

Hyperledger Certified China Army Associated Company

American Accenture, Chainyard and IBM and Chinese Beijing PeerSafe Technology and Ant Financial received certificates under HCSP program
19 November 2019   114

Among the first five certified service providers of the Hyperledger blockchain consortium was a company from Beijing, which cooperates with the People’s Liberation Army of China, CoinDesk reports.

According to the Hyperledger Certified Service Provider (HCSP) program launched earlier this month, the consortium certified the American companies Accenture, Chainyard and IBM, as well as the Chinese Beijing PeerSafe Technology and Ant Financial.

Status allows them to provide services to enterprises implementing Hyperledger technologies.

Earlier, Beijing PeerSafe Technology attracted funding from the Shanghai Civil Military Integration Development Fund. This organization invests in dual-use technologies that are used for both civilian and military purposes.

Peersafe claims to be the only Chinese company to receive three state-established qualifications. Among them are permits for the sale to the Ministry of Public Security of the PRC of information protection products and software supplies for central government agencies.