EtherDelta's DNS server hacked

Hacked DNS server of cryptocurrency exchange redirects exchange visitors to fake website
21 December 2017   2385

The decentralized exchange EtherDelta reported on the hacking of its DNS servers and the substitution of addresses, resulting in users entering a fake site. 

The exchange draws attention to the fact that the site of the attacker does not have a Twitter feed and a button to call the chat, and also uses a fake order book.

Users are advised not to visit the exchange website until the next announcement. The representative of EtherDelta on Reddit said that this will be enough to ensure that the attacker could not steal the keys or means of users who are on smart contracts. He also posted an instruction, guided by which users can withdraw their tokens without the help of the site.


Buterin to Propose Way to Speed Up ETH 2.0 Migration

Vitalik Buterin,creator of Ethereum, believes the eth1 system can exist as a zero shard in eth2 
25 December 2019   290

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposed a solution that allows you to quickly get rid of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm chain and move everything in Ethereum 2.0 to Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

According to him, the eth1 system can exist as a zero shard in eth2.

Validators who choose to participate in eth1 will be able to register as friendly. They are expected to support the full eth1 node in addition to the eth2 node.

A full eth1 node will load all blocks of the zero shard and maintain the updated state of the old circuit.

Buterin believes that his proposal does not make any changes to the planned procedure for the transition from eth1 to eth2. Only software for stateless clients and witness size changes in the eth1 protocol are required.