Ethereum Classic hardfork implemented

ECIP 1017 proposal for Ethereum Classic network implemented
12 December 2017   1907

At 11th of December, the Ethereum Classic hardfork implemented at block 5 000 000.

Thanks to the implementation of the ECIP 1017 proposal, the predicted total supply of crypto currency will be limited to 210 million coins (and not 230 million, as it was before). Decrease in supply will be achieved through the implementation of the deflationary model of monetary policy. The latter implies a 20% reduction in the reward for the block now, and then every subsequent 5,000,000 units extracted.

Currently, the production rate of 250,000 blocks is about 40 days. Thus, with the same level of network complexity, the next reduction of the award by 20% will be approximately in two years.

According to the developers of Ethereum Classic, such a monetary model is optimal, since it excludes uncertainty associated with "halves" and makes coin emission more stable. This, in their opinion, in the future should favorably affect the exchange value of the currency.

Emerald 1.0 Ethereum Classic Wallet Released

Version 1.0 of this ETC wallet contains a lot of cool new features
26 June 2018   235

The Ethereum Classic team presented the first full version of the Emerald (v 1.0) wallet.

From the previous alpha and beta versions, the new release features a number of new features. This includes, in particular, the transaction history, the calculation of the balance in the account in the currency, the notification of updates and the dialog box in the presence of network errors.

Emerald Wallet
Emerald Wallet

The launch of the mobile version of Emerald Wallet is scheduled for 2018. Check GitHub for more info.