Ethereum Classic Roadmap 2018 unveiled

Developers of ETC summed up the results of 2017 and shared their plans for 2018
11 January 2018   4642

The Ethereum Classic project team summed up the results for 2017 and shared its plans for 2018.

Among the main events of the 2017, the developers identify the following:

  • Hardfork at block 3M to pause the Difficulty Bomb. 
  • ETCDEV made huge refactoring, cleanup and introduced a lot of improvements to Geth codebase, with more than 1100 commitsfor past year and 8 releases. 
  • Moved to new monetary policy. 
  • Built a desktop wallet from scratch, with support of light/remote nodes, hardware wallets, and many other things.
  • Command line tools to operate blockchain from shell scripts, send and receive coins, sign transactions and many more in lightweight and secure way, which could be integrated into or used together with other server side software
  • Totally new EVM for Ethereum projects.
  • In addition to IoT we got Javascript libraries to help building 3rd party Dapps on top of Ethereum, and Emerald Wallet is just a first example of such dapps
  • By numbers it’s 16 new projects (in Github terms) and more than 5000 total commits for year 2017. Or almost 20 commits per working day, counting ETCDEV work alone.

Plans for 2018:

  • Growth and development of the team. To participate in the project it is planned to invite more developers and managers.
  • Scaling the network through the people. Now the team Ethereum Classic is preparing several pilot projects with third-party companies and declares that it is maximally open for cooperation in this area.
  • Adaptation of Ethereum Classic for working with IoT (Internet of Things, Internet of Things).
  • Continuation of work on the Emerald Platform and the release of Emerald Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet and several more dApp.


Atlantis Ethereum Classic Hardfork Date Unveiled

It was agreed that the update will take place at block 8,772,000 and it should activate the changes that were proposed for the original ETH network in 2017
21 June 2019   750

During the videoconference on Thursday, June 20, Ethereum Classic developers came to an uneasy consensus on hardfork of a network called Atlantis, CoinDesk reports.

Despite certain differences, it was agreed that the update will take place at block 8,772,000. As expected, it will be found around 12:00 UTC on September 17 of this year.

In May, ETC developers disagreed on what improvements the upcoming hardfork should contain, but last Thursday they nevertheless found a consensus on the 10 proposals that should be included in the code of the future hardfork.

It is noteworthy that earlier in June, the developers agreed to launch Atlantis hardfork in the test network by the end of this month, while the launch of the code in the main network was to take place before the end of the summer.

However, a little earlier, Ethereum Classic Labs, the developer of the most popular client of the Classic Network Geth, insisted on activating hardfork on July 1. This decision was allegedly made under pressure from miners and exchanges based in Asia, which insisted on the fastest possible changes in the network.

At the beginning of the month about this was told by the Asian community manager Ethereum Classic Cooperative Christian Xu. However, a number of community representatives, including the founders of the research startup Gödel Labs Tang and Roy Zhou, accused Xu of falsifying such allegations.

We asked them about Atlantis. We got the normal ‘don’t care’ response. But several exchanges/miners also said that they’re not aware of this before. That makes me feel suspicious.

Tang Zou

Co-founder, Godel Labs

Passion was flared by the position of Ethereum Classic Labs and its CEO Terry Culver, who initially opposed the postponement of the hardfork to a later date.

I strongly disagree. We can’t subscribe to that schedule. We stick to the schedule that we originally agreed upon.

Terry Culver

CEO, Ethereum Classic Labs

Nevertheless, over the past few days, the position of Ethereum Classic Labs has changed towards a wider dialogue with the rest of the developer community. On Wednesday, the blog Ethereum Classic Labs posted an entry confirming these intentions and a new roadmap regarding hardfork.

The Atlantis update is paired with a slightly later upgrade called Agharta and should activate the changes that were formally proposed for the original Ethereum network in 2017. Their goal is to improve interoperability between the two blockchains and facilitate the migration of decentralized applications (dApps) from one network to another.