Ethereum client update sets hardfork date

Ethereum client has upgraded its code to enforce the upcoming Byzantium upgrade
05 October 2017   3138

A tentative date for the Metropolis update Byzantium has been revealed by the developers team. Thus, Ethereum core developers Hudson Jameson, Péter Szilágyi, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, and others revealed that Byzantium upgrades will be implemented around October 17th. The hard fork for Byzantium is scheduled to launch on block 4,370,000.

Now, the Ethereum's client has upgraded its code to enforce the upcoming Byzantium upgrade.

With the Geth (the code from Go Ethereum) release, the network moves closer to implementing the first of two parts in the wider Metropolis upgrade. The addition of the code to Geth is notable because it greatly increases the likelihood that the upgrade will happen at that time.

According to the code release, anyone running an Ethereum node with Geth is requested to update their software to "ensure a smooth transition". On top of that, Ethereum developer Peter Szilágyi advises node operators to update their software at least a week prior to the mainnet launch. Other clients, such as Mist, will issue updates in the coming dates, Szilágyi predictes.

Please give yourselves ample time to switch to the 1.7.x series (1.7.1 specifically for Byzantium) before the hard fork to avoid any surprises as the series does contain non-trivial database optimizations ([it] also gives us time to fix anything if something doesn't work as it should).

Peter Szilágyi
Ethereum developer

The upcoming hardfork is to feature a variety of improvements including increased speed and ramified security. 

Ethereum price chart on
Ethereum price chart on

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, Ethereum price is about $292.64, its market capitalization is $27,787,599,110.

MetaMask App to be In Public Beta

The app is synchronized with the cryptowallet in the original browser extension allowing to register new addresses in a moment
24 July 2019   263

The developers of the MetaMask Ethereum wallet wallet have opened the way for everyone to test the beta version of a mobile application available for Android and iOS.

According to the developers, the application is synchronized with the cryptowallet in the initial browser extension. It also allows you to manage crypto-assets, send ETH users and ERC-20 and ERC-721 standard tokens using ENS names (Ethereum Name Service), and interact with decentralized applications (dApps).

In addition, the application supports InstaPay payment channels for instant and free transactions. It also implements Web3 functionality, support for IPFS and various solutions to ensure a high level of security.

The launch of the mobile application MetaMask was announced 9 months ago during the Devcon4 conference in Prague.