Etherparty and CoinPayments announced partnership

Etherparty Smart Contracts teamed-up with CoinPayments to integrate FUEL into the latter's global network and system
29 March 2018   617

A blockchain technology company Etherparty Smart Contracts Inc. is now in a close collaboration with cryptocurrency payment gateway provider CoinPayments.

Etherparty's digital token, FUEL, is now integrated into CoinPayments' system and its global network


Jason Butcher

COO, CoinPayments

From this moment on, Etherparty digital token, FUEL, is integrated with CoinPayment's system and can be accepted at over 760,000 merchants stretching over 182 countries. FUEL is also is very versatile digital asset, so that users can buy it with over 55 cryptocurrency varieties.

This partnership is another example of working with a great technology partner in the blockchain space. Working with CoinPayments will help us expand our offerings and make it easier to use cryptocurrency, FUEL and our platform.


Kevin Hobbs

CEO, Etherparty Smart Contracts Inc.

Etherparty's token is a transferable ERC-20 compliant digital currency and acts as a validator of the transactions on Etherparty network and its solutions. FUEL is a native token for the whole Etherparty platform, including the coming Rocket crowdfunding platform for average Internet users. Rocket is set to be the first to-be-released product in the portfolio of Etherparty blockchain solutions. Etherparty Smart Contracts is a Canadian startup focused on blockchain solutions with an extensive use of smart contracts based in Vancouver. CoinPayments is another Canadian startup that acts as a payment processor of over 310 countries.

SoftBank & Baidu to Invest in Atlas Protocol

Atlas Protocol was created by Nebulas Labs and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance
21 August 2018   130

The Atlas Protocol marketing module (ATP) has completed a round of attracting initial funding, led by SoftBank China Venture Capital (SBCVC), having collected several million dollars during it.

In a multimillion-dollar round, the exact amount of which was not disclosed, Baidu Ventures (BV), Danhua Capital and Fenbushi Digital also took part.

Atlas Protocol was created by Nebulas Labs and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA). The "first developer" of Google Adwords, Jeremy Zhao and Columbia University Professor Ronggui Gu will serve as project advisors on technical issues.

Atlas Protocol plans to create a blockchain ecosystem and "to form a new paradigm of interactive marketing." According to the press release, ATP allows you to rank "calculated values ​​on the block and transfer value using tokens" using the ATP Smartdrop service application.

xGoogler Blockchain Alliance was formed in April this year as a community of former Google employees interested in blockchain technology. Its founders were the developers of projects Nebulas, Loopring and Gifto.